check out this new ico coin similiar to bitconnect regalcoin and it is called gold rewards

remember i am not a financial advisor. this is my journey of cryptos, providing you charts analysis, probabilities, my picks, ico talk, news and more ethereum fork price drops sometimes we buy at highs but thats okay time will tell where tings go

buy some bitcoin maybe some ethereum and litecoin watching neo cash crash crypto currency Etch October Top ICO some altcoins tokens stake

it looks like this is going to be the another pop for bitcoin. in my opinion we will see the prices go higher by this week. in this video I’m also going to show you a brief explanation of why I’m buying into etch and also a little brief demo on how to use etherdelta

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. Austin Angler great video, i have a question how do i buy ETCH im really interested but i dont know how or where to buy it, im new to crypro i olny trade BTC,ETH and LTC through bitstamp. And once lets say i bought ETCH coin in which wallet do i store it????
    Thanks for the video and sorry about my bad English.
    Keep the videos up!!!!

  2. Great video!! Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us. Really looking forward to seeing how Etch pans out.

  3. Wow you have no idea why there is ETH and ETH Classic it was because of the DOA hack! Do you research before you talk this is like the 3rd time you made errors on forks.

  4. Love ETCh, also backed by KPMG – I've never gotten into an ico before can you also show how to get the coins off myetherwallet??

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