Bitcoin Price Surge is Good News For Altcoins

The recent spike in Bitcoin price is good news for altcoins, do not panic sell. Just hold and remember you are in this for the long run. The Bitcoin value will carry over to alt coins.

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Written by frances

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  1. I invest in alt coins already buy when price is very low and just hold im not buying bitcoin now its indeed very good that bitcoin rises for the alt coins in the future

  2. Yeah! Bitcoin Gold is awesome! I love it, it is like Gold itself in cryptocurrency, why wouldn't we love it, sooner or later it will be part of Gold in cryptocurrency and it will better itself, it will make it how it wants, improving their blockchain is their high priority so that is worth giving them the benefit of the doubt, otherwise what is the point of them investing millions and millions of their own money in this project? So invest while is at its all time low I would imagine. Yeah, long term invest, next year you will be laughing. Fingers cross!

  3. Thanks man, videos like this makes me feel better since most of my money is tied up in Altcoins, just gotta hold until the hype goes down.

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