Bitcoin Smashes Thru $5000, 1829

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  1. That's the whole point: Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies do have intrinsic value generated by the genuine work involved to bring them into use, their robust utility plus their set finite quantity secured by BLOCKCHAIN INTEGRITY which fiat money i.e., debt-based fractional reserve "banknotes" never had and never will. Centuries-old, luciferian, Rothschild Central Banks have been thoroughly outed for the actual scams they surely are. These failed once arcane institutions have run their course. They'll soon reposit where they belong – in the dustbin of human history.

  2. "What blather…" -BStill Indeed, I concur.
    // By the way, I am not the Daniel Murray, quoted by Mr. Still, whom I regard as the eminent authority on this subject.

  3. James Dimon: ". . . its used for illicit purposes . . ." So if dollars are used for illicit purposes it is no longer a legitimate currency? He said nothing of consequence during the whole interview; just a bunch of sputtering.

  4. How the heck am I going to pay the guy who mows my lawn in Bitcoin? How do I pay him 0.35% of a Bitcoin?!? Bitcoin is a total bullshit scam.

  5. If you want a currency that is decentralized and real, make it kWh.  Kilowatt hours.  It is real and can't be faked.  It can't be controlled.  It will be king over ALL cryptocurrency since they use power to mine and maintain their system.  We use it every day in our home and work.  We use it to make our food and goods.  It is already entwined into every aspect of our lives.  It will spark the next real revolution.  The Energy Revolution!  Storage will get better out of necessity.  Generation will get better.  Transmission will get better.  People can make a portion of what they need at home similar to how crypto miners mine free crypto.

    Public funded power plants will become U.S. property.  Transmission lines funded by public money become U.S. property.

    Any privately owned generation plants can't make up more than 5% total GDP.  All privately owned power plants, transmission lines, and equipment must buy and sell all power from the U.S. grid.  The grid is the marketplace where all transactions take place.  It can even be tracked by a public ledger system the crypto nuts clamour over.

    People can store excess kWh in battery systems or contracted future generation.  As storage results in efficiency losses, this is a natural barrier to prevent a single individual or group from stockpiling kWh to amass power and influence over everyone else.  Stockpiling contracted future generation will be safe from manipulation if you don't have the means to store or use the power.  Intentionally shorting circuits to consume large volumes of kWh to drive up scarcity will be detrimental to transmission and equipment on both sides of the demarcation line.  It has natural barriers to abuse and corruption.

  6. Governments like block chain, they just don't like Bitcoin  because they have no control over it, it is for that reason it will be banned……….. The other thorn in their financial side is gold and silver, but they can do nothing about that.

  7. BILL, I'd give you multiple thumbs up if possible. How come you're 1 of very few of your generation that can see this phenomenon for what it really is? it took me 7 years to understand crypto, being a Silver-tard, I just couldn't get past the no intrinsic value part then 1 day this last July whamo I got it. Now a Happy Litecoin, & OMG owner along with silver.

  8. When all goods and services are priced in Bitcoin and Bitcoin has a stable purchasing power, then i can see it being a substitute for the US dollar. That said, Bitcoin may be top dog now among cryptos but what's to stop another crypto from competing with Bitcoin? How can one depend on Bitcoin to maintain its purchasing power if it must compete with other cryptos? For now, I can see a few people making a profit on Bitcoin by buying and selling it but speculating on Bitcoin is not using it as money. So this idea of freeing everyone from the US dollar by buying Bitcoin just doesn't make sense. Perhaps you, Bill, would be willing to make a video for those of us who want to use Bitcoin as money, not speculation.

  9. Never gamble with money that you can't afford to lose !! Because of its volatility, Bitcoin is high maintenance investing, requiring personal daily management and a responsive broker/agent who reacts quickly during sudden upward or downward fluctuations !! Also, gains in any type of investing are always tempered by broker/agent costs !!

  10. When I joined The
    2 months ago, never could have I ever imagined the series of events that would unfold just days after locking in my free software. I was able to clear my $50000 debt. There is no greater feeling than to be debt-free. Now, I’m in the process of buying my dream home. I still can’t believe this is all really happening…I’m forever grateful to Steve.

  11. Why did Bitcoin smash Thru $5000 today? Because someone placed a ~4mil usd buy order. Probably a wall street heeb honestly

  12. I don't have bitcoin, but to all the people that do…congrats! You didn't get scared away so good for you to reap these amazing gains.

  13. What is Ethereum? – Ethereum | Published on Jun 4, 2014
    | |
    Presented by Stephan Tual, CCO – (Twitter: @stephantual)

    Companion Document:

    Ethereum is a platform that makes it possible for any developer to write and distribute next-generation decentralized applications.

    Borrowing the concept of distributed consensus and cryptographic proof that makes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin so effective in trustless payments, Ethereum extends the use of these technologies to trustless agreements. This allows developers to easily build innovative new products on a censorship and collusion-resistant foundation.

    Ethereum will go live in Winter 2014/2015, in the meantime we are regularly releasing alpha software so you can try your hand at building distributed applications.

    Main site:


    IRC Freenode: #ethereum

    —– Credits —–

    Closed Captions:
    – Italian: Thank you to Angelo Milanetti (
    – Russian: Thank you to Ihor Starepravo (
    – Japanese: Thank you to Takeo Nishikata
    – Portugese: Thank you to Paul Miller
    – Spanish: Thank you to Adrián Calvo
    – Romanian: Thank you to Aurel Iancu (…)
    – German: Thank you to Karsten
    – Czech: Thank you to Digital Dreamer
    – Polish: Thank you to Oskar Paolini
    – Swedish: Thank you to Patrick Kothbauer

    Music used with permission by Omar Mill –
    Science & Technology
    Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)
    Source videos
    View attributions

  14. I was trading "GBTC ETF/BC" and now it is an over manipulated piece of Junk which doesn't even follow any market reasoning or the up tic of the over manipulated Price of Bit-Choke. Ok, would you would pay $5,00 + for a Magical Invisible Coin? Why no and only a Gambler/Speculator would love this Vegas High. I used to like this Investment and the Tech but now it is Tulip/Hype Fast Buck Scam with "Magic Dust" inflating its ridiculous price for Air?.

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