Bitcoin to 25k! or Bear Trap for Cryptocurrency? | Bloomberg

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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  1. If you believe 25k bitcoin by year end, why is buying it now @ 8.9k too late? Thats pretty simple math.

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  4. Definitely not to late to invest now. You’ll just have to wait longer for profits. I feel there will be another dip for sure though.

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  6. You should be buying PFR instead of whatever crap youre holding. Their mainnet comes out on April 30th. Do you realize that Localbitcoins now has KYC? Do you understand that once PFR is out, people will all jump ship to avoid having to upload documents? People kept doubting the project but these guys deliver. Do you want to be poor forever.

  7. FOR ALL OF YOU WHO WISHED THAT YOU HOPPED ON THE BITCOIN TRAIN EARLIER: Its not too late, invest in ripple now before it shoots up to 10 dollars. Its 80 cents now. HURRY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.


  9. Un subbing.. you post the same videos over and over.. manipulating views.. if your content was legit to begin with you wouldn't have to scam your viewers.

  10. Bitcoin already reached 20k plus so your prediction is way behind Bitcoin will reach over 40k by end of summer

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