Bitcoin to 5k before next Bull Market!? | CNBC Fast Money

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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  1. If the dow dumps, btc could as well, but its the only alternative. Bananas $2 each or btc. People will be fighting for it. I thought 82k for 42coin was cra cra. Now I'm thinken million btc.

  2. I don't know if we're in another 2014 or if we're about to recover. I do know that if I liquidate any significant amount of bitcoin the feds will treat me the way those rednecks treated the rafters in the movie deliverance. So I'll just leave them where they are and continue to use my surplus monthly income to accumulate more, until the day comes when my holdings equal the amount of wealth I'll need to retire on.

  3. how can people say that bitcoin will go down to 5k but end the year at $40k?what are they nostadumbers?everyone thinks that there a professional chartist and everyone is getting it wrong,bitcoin will stubbornly move higher to over 10k soon and every nostadumbass will be buying higher .YOU CAN NEVER TIME THE MARKET

  4. How do I move my PLR to an exchange so I can trade? I feel like it’s stuck in my ether wallet. It would be wonderful if someone could show me 😩

  5. Most ppl just don't seem to be buying Bitcoin. They seem to be buying all other altcoins. But I don't know..

  6. I agree with the guy saying that we need to drop. I think we do. Once we drop to a Lower low there will be some capitulation and it will give the market the legs to run.

  7. @24/7 Cryptocurrency News we need some time stamps on these videos. It's very hard to track the mindsets of these guys if we don't know the time of the original clip. I mean, you kinda lose the context of the conversation as related to the current public mindsets

  8. what about all the things going on with the market whales, blockchain child abuse content, etc ? everyone talks about the ad ban but theres much worst than this. for all i know goldman sachs is manipulating the market anf shorting as much as possible before the next big short (crash)

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