Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC

CNBC’s Seema Mody reports on the world’s largest bitcoin conference and Arthur Hayes, BitMEX CEO, discusses his outlook for the cryptocurrency. Included are CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Tim Seymour, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.
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Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC

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  1. The video seems to be informative with nice idea ,but i have tried so many mining systerm ,even with the video i doesn't make any amount of Bitcoin rather i keep on loosing ,but you can give a try to Mr johns systerm to see how profitable it working for me now .you can contact him (

  2. Stocks are not the same at Crypto's stop trying to think of them as so, when you do you cant see the bigger picture which is the evolution of life, technology and the Internet in the future. Crypto's will transform the world.

  3. Everytime i see CNBC talk Crypto, and Pete Najarian is is sitting there listening, little to say but taking it all in.
    LOL, thats the tell….He's the guy in the room thats most likelly neck deep into Crypto and he aint tellin!

  4. How many holders would wait until BTC hit $50,000 before taking profit? Its not going to happen. If BTC hit $25,000 I can retire because at that price most alts would be through the roof too.

  5. These bosses from the exchanges will tell you sweat music to your ears so they can get your money. They are the last people to trust.

  6. Nothing special , BTC,ETH,DASH and many other crypto currencies will grow in price within next 2-3 years.

  7. 50k for BTC is a joke .. better to look into newer (more advanced) tokens and crypto-tech .. Pundi X (NPXS) for example.

  8. I don't care is never a good response for a grown adult. I'm invested, in many things that take up my valuable time, but it's because I do care. Granted, most of my time probably isn't spent as wisely as it should be.

    I think the ones that do care will be given the torch to liven up this future revolution. This guy just needs another $ and he'll be good. The world doesn't need I don't cares

  9. Bitcoin can't hit 50k at current structure. Not much has been done in the way of scaling since the 20k top. 50k btc would have $50-$100 fees. Not feasible.

  10. he stated he doesn't care all he does is match he wants to create controversy so everyone trades

  11. Regulation didn't stop people from losing it all with Enron. It didn't stop people from losing it all with MCI/WorldCom. It didn't stop Radio Shack from going bankrupt. Volatility and leverage equal opportunity. The only reason they're against it is they don't want you to have it without them getting 'their' cut of it.

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