Bitcoin: What’s Coming in the Year Ahead?

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise is attracting a ton of attention. Is it ready for the mainstream?

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Producer: Raymond Schillinger
Writers: Lily Katz and Camila Russo
Design: Sylvia Yang
Animation: Andrew Embury, Ricardo Mendes, Ronaldo Serrano, Daniel Elder, Kyle Martinez
Sound Design: Sebastian Oliwa


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Written by frances

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  1. I am going through rough times financially. All my work just covers for my rent, food and transport to work. I will really appreciate if anyone can give me a hand, however little, it means so much to me. Thanks :).


  2. like the internet was the bitcoin is still on the runway but soon it will take off like a rocket i say all aboard bitcoin beats gold silver or cash its self

  3. Fuck Jamie Dimon he's not making any money on it so of course he will criticize it. He used to developing sub prime mortgages and derivatives to screw over the American people.

  4. Crypto will never be mainstream. Way too unstable. And so far bitcoin did everything the opposite of what it is intended for

  5. You have to first educate yourself in the crypto currency space before you invest. It’s a completely different animal than the stock market and typical market analysts who don’t understand it try and fail in charting it. One of the few analysts that does understand it is Tone Vays. Warren Buffet types don’t know jack about it.

  6. This give the power back to the people. this is so true. when the government try hard to ban it because they cannot control it. this make the crypto currently even more powerful.

  7. is time for TESLA to build the ANACRONOPETE the only time travel machine succesfully essayed in 1878 in Paris…ANACRONOPETE is the future

  8. most ICO's are garbage. I'm sad you didn't mention issues like the ever expanding block chain size and the fact that you can only due several transactions per second using bitcoin. Those are way bigger issue. Another issue is the only people who are able to effectively mine bitcoins are organizations that can afford with 10's of thousands of dollars of hardware. You didn't mention any of that

  9. Bitcoins success is its nemesis. Unlimited numbers of duplicate crypto currencies can be introduced into the market. Been here before with tulips, bubbles and ponzi schemes.

  10. The biggest issue that I have with Bitcoin is that it is unregulated. This opens doors for unscrupulous activities and easy payment methods. Governments can't tax Bitcoin effectively and will therefore be interested in finding a way to do so or to ban the use of Bitcoin. When larger countries ban Bitcoin, it will negatively affect the value. 1 + 1 equals 2 but with Bitcoin the results are unknown. We could see it continue to soar into the sky or fall flat on it's arse. If you are using money you can completely afford to lose then Bitcoin is worth the gamble.

  11. Bitcoin as an investment is working on the greater fool theory. This is why I don't buy it. Hard to find greater fools than me.

  12. What to do with the money you made in your life ?
    Buy some excluseve cars ?
    Eat and drink as much as you can ?
    Give it to the billions of homeless ?
    Or………………by the biggest and most expensive headstone to impress your whole family !

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