Blind Man With Guide Dog Denied Uber Ride, Stands Up For Rights

A Nashville man is fighting back after an Uber driver refused to provide a ride to him and his service dog, and now the issue is headed to court.

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  1. as much as i respect service dogs and their owners needs (im getting one myself for c-ptsd) while its legal to bring a service dog into an uber, in all honesty its just plain rude of him to do so. uber drivers use their personal vehicle where their interior may get ruined by dogs paws and get dirty from anything the dog brings in with him since he is walking on the seats.
    on the other hand, taxi drivers (mostly) use rented vehicles that are much lower quality and are typically already dirty so its not as big of a problem with them.
    i know the guy has every right to use uber with his dog, it just seems rude to exercise that right. i will no doubt only be using a taxi service if i ever need to bring my dog. also, im baffled at the fact he wouldnt use a service like a taxi where you call them and are easily able to let them know ahead of time that you have a service dog (incase the taxi driver has allergies) instead he just chose to surprise the uber driver with his dog upon arrival.
    sorry but i dont feel bad for this guy at all, it seems like by his lack of etiquette he was kind of looking to cause problems. like the fact he is taking this person to court is going wayyy overboard, just file a complaint and/ have officers write a ticket or inform the person of the laws. this guy was looking to make some money off of other peoples ingorance of service dog laws.
    i wouldnt be surprised to find out this guy is suing people every other day.

  2. I am well aware of the laws supporting service dog, and am in support of them. But as for Uber drivers, what this person failed to realize is the Uber driver is using there personnel cars. The Uber driver should have stayed and helped this man get another type of transportation, but I think suing this driver is way overboard. Most Uber drivers do this part time and having to be sued could destroy ones life. Possibly a fix to this could be when requesting a Uber ride note that you have a service dog, this way the Uber drivers that are unwilling to have a dog in their personnel vehicle can not take the call, and leave it for someone who is willing.

  3. Every driver now about it. Every body say driver are bad now that company uber. Charging 25% if some body sick in that car. Uber don't pay nothing. BBC new or any other new chanale ring me I can profe that.

  4. For those saying that people are using their own cars and shouldn't have to accommodate a service animal if they do not want to, what they are failing to realize is that they took on the responsibility to drive everyone including someone who is blind and has a guide dog by being an Uber driver. You are taking the risk that something could happen in your car if you are working for this company. You do not get to choose to infringe on people's civil rights just because you signed up for something you weren't prepared for. As for someone putting down that they have a service dog when they book a ride, you have no idea how many cancellation's happen when this is stated. Blind people in particular can't drive and rely on companies like Uber to get around. Again, if you work for a public company, you respect the law. It's as simple as that.

  5. A driver does have the right to refuse service if s/he is allergic to dogs. The law wouldn't expect an Uber driver to risk their health if that was the reason. I would just automatically inform Uber that my guide dog would be accompanying me when I booked the ride. Easier.

  6. I drive for uber as an independent contractor. We are not technically employees. Also the vehicles we use are our own personal day to day vehicles. There could be a few reasons to not accept dogs. One is allergies. Either the driver or subsequent passengers could be allergic to dogs. If it's the driver then you are putting the driver and passenger at risk if the driver is distracted and can't focus on the driving. In any case , in general, a driver has a right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. This is the risk of requesting an uber ride. Not everyone will agree on your particular circumstances. In that instant you request another uber and should plan ahead. Never assume your next uber driver will be agreeable to dogs, your particular destination, etc etc. sorry folks that's the reality of the situation. Throw away your entitlements. It doesn't apply here

  7. Sorry, but a pick up at an animal hospital, what do you expect? A goldfish? This was from the get go stupid for this driver to go there in the first place. If he/she was not willing to take an animal in the car, he/she should have not taken this ride. Again: AN ANIMAL HOSPITAL, for crying out loud!

  8. Okay if all of you Uber drivers want to refuse blind people with service dogs just, take the damn sticker off your cars, believe it or not I'll do it for free, with or without you in the car.

  9. Same thing happened to me I did get my money back for the ride but I was really upset and the worst part was I was literally across the street from my home I just said groceries that I couldn't carry them back I was so upset

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