Breaking News – All the changes coming to League of Legends ARAM mode

While Riot Games is gearing up for the official launch of its new Clash tournament mode in League of Legends, other areas of the game are getting some love too. There are many League of Legends players who never venture onto Summoner’s Rift, the main map. Instead, they go to Howling Abyss for their fun, where they play ARAMs (all random all mid). The mode hasn’t seen changes for a while now, but it will finally be getting some updates in Patch 8.11. ARAM offers a faster League of Legends experienced focused around pretty much constant action and fighting. It’s rare for a match to go beyond 30 minutes, while that’s the norm for most games in the standard game mode. The 10 players are given a random champion, and the game takes place on a unique, single-lane, symmetrical map. Riot says it is bringing a number of ‘quality of life’ changes, as well as some gameplay changes that will be included in the upcoming Bilgewater Event. The first one is coming in champion select with the introduction of the Available Champions Pool. If someone rerolls a champion, it’s placed in the pool, and everyone can freely trade for it. Plus, the rate at which you earn rerolls is being slightly increased, and is higher the higher number of champions you own. In addition, the free champion pool is being expanded just for ARAM. It’ll contain 42 in total, the previous three free champion rotations. This should make ARAM-only accounts a little less impactful. Riot is also making some changes to the Champion Mastery system on ARAM. The current way it’s worked out is exactly the same algorithm it uses for Summoner’s Rift. Obviously there are different circumstances at play, so it’s going to be changed to make getting that S rank a little easier. One thing is being transferred over from Summoner’s Rift though: Base Gates. Players will be confined within the fountain for the first 15 seconds of the game, so everyone will be leaving in more of a group. First Blood in ARAMs often comes from someone straying too far down the lane into an enemy team because they left the base before everyone else. Players will now start the game at 662 experience, rather than at level 3 with zero experience, so they’ll hit level 4 much quicker. Plus, the unanimous surrender vote has been changed to 8 minutes, and 12 minutes for a normal surrender vote. This change is mainly to make getting out of games with an AFK player quicker. Riot didn’t want to enable a remake function, because it may have been abused by early-disconnecters. There are a number of changes coming that will only be available during the Curse of the Drowned event. However with enough positive feedback, they may be brought into ARAM even after the event ends. First of all, the Dark Harvest rune is getting a bit of a nerf, with Soul Essence reduced from 5 to 4 for champion takedowns, and from 4 to 2 for cannon minion kills. Warmog’s Armor is getting completely removed from ARAM for the entirety of the event. Usually c

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