Breaking News : Hero Sivaji to reveal Operation Garuda secrets – TV9

Hero Sivaji reveals Operation Garuda secrets – TV9

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  1. TTD chairman post kosam Veedu adutunna drama. It’s all a part of Chandra Babu Naidu mind game. Ppl of AP should be very careful

  2. ఒక మనిషి మన రాష్ట్రం కోసం తన ప్రాణత్యాగం చేసి ఇంతలా చెబుతా ఉంటే ఇందులో నమ్మకపోవడం ఏంటో అర్దం కావడం లేదు …మీ మీ పార్టీలు తీరుమార్చుకోవడం మంచిది అని నా ఉద్దేశం

  3. I think they are planning to kill JAGAN Reddy. This is just a deviation scheme for the Public. Intelligence report says Jagan will win by clean sweep.

  4. Sivaji, baga chepparu. May be it won't happen just like you say but similar things are happening in our state now. When everyone is fighting for Special status….. Vijay Sai reddy is busy doing rounds around PMO to clear YCP cases and Pavan is busy in building a new house for his 4 member family in 2 acres land while he is questioning 30,000 acres for the capital. This circumstantial evidence proves your hypothesis. I believe you but in kula gajji Andhra, you won't get much support. But who cares, you can only laugh at their ignorance. Truth obviously hurts!!!

  5. ఎర్రి మా లోకం
    పిచ్చి పీక్ స్టేజి
    లొకేశం బాబోరు శివాజీ అల్లిన స్టోరీ

  6. Thanks sivaji..b.j.pis like dhritharastra.whoevr they hugs they will squeeze till they die
    Whoever joins with kauravas remain as dustachathustayam in history.i saw in news channel pawan met amithshaw along with haribabu.on that day Pawan wear blue shirt. He said to media he will decide after two months.from that day he started showing he will take farmers to Modi. He never compliment development in this crucial periodontal a.p. always trying to misguide by commenting without proofs. Jagan is not new to be part in this coupe.thank you sivaji to make us alert.

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