BREAKING NEWS: J.J. Abrams Returns To Direct Star Wars Episode 9!

Breaking Star Wars News: Director JJ Abrams is returning to Star Wars in 2019 to write and direct Star Wars: Episode 9! ►More Star Wars The Last Jedi: Stay tuned on the latest news on the new Star Wars movie of 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond!

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  1. I personally cannot wait for J.J. to return. I really enjoyed Force Awakens and I am a huge fan of Heroes and Lost so…yeah 😀 What do you guys think? Thanks for watching and have a good one over there! 🙂

  2. JJ will do fine. He did a great job introducing a new SW franchise, which is not an easy task.

    Rumor has it the next story is basically written and JR and has a ton of his influences. Hopefully with great storyline, character development and cinematics, we'll get a great ep9.

    JJ if you listen, grow some balls and take some risks. Don't underestimate your audience intelligence. Remember, most of us were young trying to figure out why Luke was kissing his sister.

  3. That's disappointing, Jar Jar Abrams will fuck up Episode 9 like he did with Episode 7…lazy writing and poor scripts & not to mention some poor acting i.e. Boyega

  4. Abrams is good at light and happy feeling movies, so I guess with a happy ending he'll be fine. Really just want a good story, instead of a cut & paste like TFA was. Excited for TLJ. This is where we'll get to see a tangible progression of the saga.

  5. I really hope that episode 8 wont be a re-ash of episode 5 otherwise I'll probably loose interest over episode 9 before we even et the first trailer .

  6. I've always said JJ proved just how big of a star wars nerd he was with the force awakens. Super excited to see more of his ideas on screen. Even more excited to see where episode eight takes us !!

  7. TFA was a horrible and very disappointing movie. Rouge One is by far the best Star Wars movie and guess what? JJ Abrams didn't direct it. In TFA there were too many times where JJ tried to make the movie funny. If I want to laugh I would go to a comedy show. Star Wars needs to get rid of this guy for good.

  8. Yes, of course You kids like that dumbass J J Abrams which ruined a Lot of good stuff George Lucas made. Abrams ruined a lot of characters and who they are or were and changed their names. Star Wars belong to George Lucas and is what a lot of us True Star Wars fans still go by, even with some stuff we didn't like. Now that Disney bought the stuff, it is called Disney Wars. 2 Very Different stories. That SOBD Abrams. Big mistake, George Lucas at least made Leia a Jedi Knight and almost Master. Disney Wars is just shit really.

  9. Fans: An original idea for episode 9 will be fine
    JJ Abrams: No it won't.
    Waves hand
    Fans: An original idea for episode 9 will be fi-
    JJ Abrams: No, IT WON'T!

  10. Reeally JJ Abrams Ok the Episode 7 was a Remake from Episode 4 cool -.- now we will get a Episode 5 Remake Rian Johnson should direkt Episode 9

  11. Not Looking forward to ESB 2.0 and ROTJ 2.0. Remaking an old movie and saying its new and nostalgic is not good. Lucas himself said he went out of his way to make sure all his movies were different. ESB could of been ANH 2.0 but it wasn't. For once hold these people accountable for this non-sense and stop kissing their ass.

  12. JJ did a good job on The Force Awakens, even though it was a bit of a rehash of A New Hope…. However, I do have some concerns… JJ has a tendency to mess with things too much once he gets involved with it for any length of time; such as the Star Trek movies, which no longer resemble any part of the character from the original series, especially with a gay Mr. Sulu…. My fear is that he'll make one of the main Star Wars characters gay, like Luke or Rey, and or throw in a bunch of political correctness and politics… But if he doesn't mess around too much, and keeps the things of OUR world out of Star Wars universe, then I'm sure it will turn out to be a great movie… Keeping my fingers crossed!

  13. Oh dear, all thse comments…

    One: It wasn't ALL J.J's idea to take TFA into a nostalgia direction, the writers of Lucasfilm wanted to star off the new era of SW by giving the fans an essence of the original

    Two: Abrams is co-writing The Last Jedi as well

    and Three: They've already done it, you really think thy are so stupid that they are going to do it again???? Start off the new generation by going back. After that we can start doing our own thing. Many franshises have done it.

  14. Dont get me wrong i liked the force awakens but im not a big fan of his style i really wanted rian johnson :((((( im pissed

  15. I wonder how many more star wars movies there will be? Im not complaining I love the movies but how many more can they make?

  16. God fucking damnit! Worst news ever! Get the people who made Rogue One to make it. That was a brilliant film, episode 7 was horrible!

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