Breaking News – LoL Clash is back as Riot tests the gamemode on OCE with free entry

League of Legends new Clash mode is returning for one day as Riot continue their maintenance on the highly anticipated mode. Clash’s global launch was a disaster as repeated bugs meant they were unable to go ahead with the tournaments’ opening weekend. Riot made up to players by bringing back the fan-favourite ARURF mode for that weekend instead. And now Clash is going to be playable for the first time since it’s launch as Riot is hosting a one day event on the OCE server, on Tuesday June 5 at 7pm AEST, to see if that have resolved the previous issues. Usually, you have to buy a ticket to enter Clash using either Riot Points or Blue Essence however, Riot have made the one-day tournament completely free to enter. You’ll just need a pre-made team of five and an honour-level of two or above. Prizes will still be available with every player guaranteed a Clash Orb which will contain the usual loot you can find in hextech boxes. However, there will also be exclusive banners and icons up for grabs which are available to only to beta players so this will be your last chance to earn them.

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