Breaking News – Riot Games reveals the World Cup 2018 skins for League of Legends

Every four years, people around the globe come down with World Cup fever, including League of Legends fans. The 2018 World Cup in Russia is just a couple of weeks away, and at least two new skins are getting added to League. You can look forward to Playmaker Lee Sin and Sweeper Rammus joining the team of football themed skins very soon. They’re available on the PBE right now, and you can see a video of their recall animations below. Playmaker Lee Sin is clearly very skilled, doing skills, breakdancing, and even a scorpion kick before booting the ball into the goal and heading back to base. Sweeper Rammus is pretty good too, although his shot hits the bar. Luckily, he’s able to score himself with his own football style shell. If these are the only two skins coming this year, it’s fairly slim pickings compared to previous years. 2014 added even more, with Sweeper Alistar, Goalkeeper Maokai, Striker Lucian, Red Card Twisted Fate, and Superfan Gragas. These skins are only available every so often, and you can probably expect them to become available again during the World Cup this year. Both Playmaker Lee Sin and Sweeper Rammus are listed at 975 RP at the moment. Lee Sin received his God Fist skin in April 2017, but this is actually Rammus’ first new look since all the way back in April 2015.

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