Celebs REACT To Earthquake In Mexico & Hurricane Maria In Puerto Rico

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Over 100 people died as a result of Tuesday’s earthquake in Mexico’s city of Puebla, and shocked and saddened celebs immediately took to their twitter accounts to share their support with the people of Mexico. Fifth Harmony tweeted QUOTE, “Devastated. Our hearts are with you Mexico City”, meanwhile Eva Longoria shared a picture of the Mexican flag and wrote QUOTE, “What horrible news about the earthquake in Mexico. Thank God my husband and family are safe in Mexico City. My prayers are with everyone.”

Shawn Mendes also tweeted his support, writing QUOTE, “So sorry about what has happened in Mexico City. Hope everyone is okay x”. Britney Spears took to the social media platform to write, “Sending my love to Mexico #PrayForMexico #FuerzaMexico”. Nicki Minaj summed up what everyone has been thinking with her tweet which read QUOTE, “My heart goes out to the people of Mexico today. So much damage being done all around the world. Pray without ceasing.”

Meanwhile Jennifer Lopez sent her well-wishes to the people of Mexico and the people of Puerto Rico, who are currently under attack by Hurricane Maria, Tweeting in Spanish QUOTE, “Dios protege a mi Puerto Rico y dale fortaleza a la gente de México”.

Speaking of Hurricane Maria, the category five storm is making its way to Puerto Rico, and is predicted to be the WORST hurricane in the country’s history.

Josh Gad tweeted to those expected to be hit by the storm QUOTE, “Sending love to the people in the path of #HurricaneMaria. Please do everything you can to stay safe.” Meanwhile Puerto Rican native Lin Manuel Miranda took to twitter to give updates on his family, saying he’s been unable to get in contact with them because their phones are down, and assured fans that he’d be tweeting out places where they can donate to the relief fund all week.

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  1. i live in mexico city and honestly people can´t understand the magnitud that this has was a sad day, but it made me realize that people can stand together to help. if any of you can donate anything please do it, we need it


  3. Thank you to everyone that has sended support to mexico city. Also just in case some of you didnt know we were creeped out when we heard that yesterday that this earthquake happened here was the anniversary of the earthquake of 85 (worst earthquake in mexico citys history).

  4. A Mexican writing:

    Thank you for all your prayers and support. But you should know Mexico City isn't the only damaged city.
    Last week we suffered another earthquake that pretty much destroyed Chiapas and Oaxaca, the poorest states in our country. Yesterday this second earthquake struck leaving a print of disaster, death and hopelessness. The states that have been affected are:
    Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Morelos, Mexico State, Mexico City, Guerrero and Hidalgo.
    Even though our heart is broken, our spirit hasn't been diminished: thousands of people have offered help. The mexican Red Cross has actually asked people to stop offering because there are too much volunteers, restaurants are offering free meals, hotels are offering free rooms. Doctors, architects, engineers, nurses and a lot of other professionals are working for free. Civilians only, we have installed more than a thousand collection centers to help each other, people is receiving homeless persons in their home, abuelitas are preparing food for everyone, families are taking care of lost dogs and cats. We are even taking the time and effort to help our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. This is Mexico, and this is what we do in times of crisis. I want to share this with you because I'm utterly proud of my people. And I'm beyond touched by all the support we are getting from abroad.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your thoughts and love. ?

    Mis preciosos puertorriqueños, si están leyendo: no están solos. México con ustedes ?? ?? ❤️

  5. i was in Mexico, Puebla so I felt the earthquake and it was horrible I can't even explain the pain I feel for my country and for my family. And my prayers to my other country Puerto Rico that is devastaded, my whole family is in PR and we can't contact them bc of the signal? all my love and prayers to Mexico and Puerto Rico, my two beautiful countries ?????

  6. What about my Homeland Dominca, My country was distroyed by Hurricane Maria, I still don't know if my family , or close friends are alive and safe. Landslide took houses of family and we are still waiting on helicopter help.

  7. My family lives in Puebla ?? the good thing is that my family is safe but I pray for the family's who lost there love ones.

  8. I have never been more proud to be Mexican. Why? Because the whole country has come together as one to help all those in need. Celebrities, civilians, firefighters, doctors, nurses, veteneriants, policemen are all pouring out of their homes and lending a hand. Restaurants are giving people free food, hotels are letting people spend the night. The supermarkets are packed with people buying stuff to donate. We do not shake at the sight of devastation. We hold are heads high and we drive.
    #PrayForMexico #PrayForPuertoRico

  9. this is really very bad for Mexico,, I feel very sorry for them,,, hope the other people are safe now,,, I prey to god for this incident,,, my prayer always with you guys…..

  10. Thanks for your prayers. This disaster only bring us together it was horrible but its was amazing how the streets were flood with volunteers. All hospital public and private opened their doors for free. A Mexican communication company give free calls an open free WiFi to all the city. Doctors, nurses, veterinarians all giving their services for free on the streets, people from all over the city making human lines helping the rescuers with the debris rescuing people trapped under, restaurants giving free meals an other volunteers passing water and food to the people working. It brings tears to my eyes see all that people helping and make me proud to be a Mexican. Like our national anthem say "Un soldado en cada hijo te dió"
    (A soldier in each son)

    If you want to help you can donate to #lostopos #cruzrojamexicana

  11. WOW JLo sends her prayers to Puerto your check book you roach. You don't give two shits about the island of Puerto Rico so stop pretending and being so self center my cousins know you from the old block in Castle Hill in the Bronx so stop that jingo.

  12. If I can ask u all to pray for the USVI also. St.Thomas (STT) and St.John (STJ) were left incapacitated by hurricane Irma and now St.Croix (STX) is left incapacitated by Hurricane Maria. Pray for their safety, mental health, and that they do not lose their faith. Thank you all. We need ur prayers as well. The media suggested it would not have been a direct hit, but it actually was and the island is in a state of emergency. Seeing that St.Croix was the recovery plan for Hurricane Irma, the territory is experiencing a state of hopelessness. The students were scheduled to relocate to STX or America because it would have been a year before schools on STT and STJ became functional again. Food, water, gas, and even ice were being sent from STX to STT and STJ because the residents had nothing. After Maria, all three islands have been rendered helpless with power lines and phones lines covering the streets. The most viable option will be relocation to the continental United States. Being that the airport has been shut down until further notice, they will have to remain on island until then. Looting has already begun and that usually sparks some violence. Please keep them in ur prayers. Pray for their safety, mental health, and that they do not lose their faith. Thank you all. We need ur prayers as well. Thanks for posting this video Ashley.

  13. Okay, but everyone needs to be more like Lin-Manuel Miranda: Do everything in your power to donate, contribute, spread awareness for others as to where to donate, etc. Don't just pray and send love. Take action! Even if it's just $5. Even if you're just tweeting out a link to a donation center. Do something, please! #fuerzamexico So grateful that my family in Mexico City is safe, and happy that many of my cousins and aunts and uncles are doing their part to volunteer and contribute. We should all aim to do the same for our fellow humans.

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  15. And we pray for you people that may Allah guide you people on the right way and we also Goodbye…… if any one have any sort of question please right in the comments section below……

  16. it happened in these states
    Mexico city
    presumibly Distrito Federal
    and all other states surrounding Mexico City
    please help my people im in Jalisco but even though i wasnt affected children died, people, animals im just here appreciating my life because those lost it very early we are in deep sadness thanks to everyone supporting my country and ill hope you the best Gracias

  17. Sending love and support to all the families in Mexico and Puerto Rico. This the time where we all need to come together. Whether you are black or white, whether you are a Christian or Muslim, it doesnt matter anymore. At the end of the day we are one. We are all human. No one is better than anyone. We are all equal. And we need to help each other in these times of need. My prayers and love are with Mexico and Puerto Rico.❤

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