Celebs React To Hugh Hefner’s Passing

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It’s no surprise that so many stars came out of the wood works to remember Hugh. Everyone from Paris Hilton and Kim K to Jenny McCarthy and Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett paid their respects to Hugh and shared their memories of him when the news of his passing was made public.
Paris tweeted out a collage of photos with the message, “So sad to hear the news about Hugh. He was a legend, innovator & one of a kind. We had so many fun & incredible memories together. I will miss him dearly. Rest in peace my friend.”
Meanwhile, Kim tweeted QUOTE, “RIP to the legendary Hugh Hefner! I’m so honored to have been a part of the Playboy team! You will be greatly missed! Love you Hef!” Bella Thorne shared her shocked reaction with the world by saying, “In way more important news, Hugh Hefner died?! What the fuck.”
Larry King remembered Hugh for his incredible work throughout the years. Larry educated those who weren’t familiar with Hugh’s work in the past by writing QUOTE, “Hugh Hefner was a GIANT in publishing, journalism, free speech and civil rights. He was a true original and he was my friend. Rest well, Hef.”
Loni Love echoed Larry’s words and wrote, “Hugh Hefner did more to help civil rights than most of us know. Thanks for being fearless.” While Hollywood continues to remember Hef for the way he changed the world, those who were directly impacted by his work thanked him for changing their lives.
Jenny McCarthy shared a photo of her Playboy cover and wrote, “RIP Hef. Thank you for being a revolutionary and changing so many people’s lives, especially mine. Thank you for choosing me to be one of your bunnies. I hope I made you proud. I will forever be grateful”
Even Hugh’s famous ex-girlfriends and stars of E!’s “Girl’s Next Door” paid their respects to him. Kendra told E! News in a statement QUOTE, “Hef changed my life. He made me the person I am today. I couldn’t be more thankful for our friendship and our time together. I will miss him so much but he will be in my heart forever.”
Bridget sent her condolences through Instagram and wrote QUOTE, “So sad but forever grateful for all the wonderful memories and amazing experiences. Rip Hef.”
Aside from being the founder of Playboy, Hugh was a huge leader in some of the biggest cultural movements of our time. He was a big advocate for free speech and civil rights. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hugh’s family. Thanks for watching, I’m Sinead de Vries and I’ll see ya next time.

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  1. He was a lecherous old sleazy
    creep. Take away the Fame and fortune and you are left with a disgusting old pervert. Hefner hurt women by promoting the objectification of women. Porn kills love. Because of Hefner's magazine, has damaged so many Men's opinions and respect for women.

  2. What would the world have been without the portrayal that women should be thin, have bleach blonde hair, and a shit load of plastic surgery. And really promiscuous. As all that = sexy. Or at least that was the message while I was growing up. So thank Hugh hefner for making women feel like they had to live up to your ideals and perceived them to be male ideals, to become theese one dimensional sex objects, that was only ever worth what you dictated to them they was worth, by what they looked like and how much they was willing to do sexually.

  3. Everyone's talking about how he called women a sex object but it just doesn't end at that, he literally treated them like sex objects too. The thing that got playboy magazine to the top aka MARILYN MONROES pictures, those were printed WITHOUT HER CONSENT. Yes, that's true. Look it up. To all those people saying "the women at playboy mansion consent to be treated like sex objects", yes that's true but still doesn't justify his lack of care for consent when it comes to printing pictures of top actresses in his magazine.

  4. One thing I always blew my mind about women who talk about people or the porn industry is that they act like women didn't choose to go into those Industries. That man didn't force anything on anyone all those girls knew what they were getting into and with that being said he's done more good than any of you people on your fucking high horses and he's lived more than any of you ever will. Learn to respect a legend fucking haters long live the king

  5. Just remember one thing please: NOBODY forced those women to live in his house and to be playmates and bunnies. The women wanted that ! Just a quick reminder.

  6. He was a perv that made his life's work to objectify women and ruin healthy sexual habits of millions, through pornography addiction. He doesn't deserve any farewells. We all know exactly where he went.

  7. when all u have to do to be cried on and venerated after your death is to be a 91 y/o pervert in a pajama and having sex with countless cunts who are only interested in your money, i say good riddance, he won't be missed by anyone except for the cunts whom were living off his secretions

  8. Paying respects to Hefner? Why? He was nothing more but a perverted old man. When women think of Trump, they call him a monster. But when women think of Hefner, they all morn for that old pimp loser.

  9. Guess he's in Hell I suppose… Idk this guy but everyone is saying he's a perv and pedophile to women. I don't think Jesus would accept him in his Heavenly kingdom that's for sure. He probably had sex before he died anyways and never asked for forgiveness and repentance so he's most likely to go below than upwards. (No offense, just speaking the truth)

  10. For those trying to understand everyone's claims this man wasn't as great as everyone thought: watch?v=XuiQ2foiPdw this video sums up pretty well what he was really involved in. I still wish the man a peaceful rest. He did do a lot of good, however.

  11. To everyone who says that he is a bad person and that he said women are sex objects well he's dead so now we are supposed to to like him sure he wasn't the perfect human but seriously whats the point in hating on a dead person you got to move on.


  13. Hollywood, the porn industry must die!!!!! They are just as bad in fact worse they are pedophiles yet Hugh is a sex pervert

  14. Its all well and good talking mostly about the ILLUSION of 'women's choices' back then but the topic to me should have been W—H—Y HEFNER 'EMPOWERED' WOMEN (if you think that) or WHY HEFNER OBJECTIFIED WOMEN (if you think that). It appears the answer is the same – HEFNER 'USED' WOMEN FOR WEALTH and 'USED' WOMEN FOR HIS OWN SELF/SEXUAL GRATIFICATION! True no one forced any of those women but If a young woman you know CHOSE to sell her body in any way, would you 'empower' her by encourageing her to go ahead or would you 'empower' her with other options? EMPOWERMENT IS NOT EMPOWERMENT WITHOUT CHOICE. You are only 'empowered' according to your options and BAD CHOICES dont quate to being 'EMPOWERED'. Understand the definitions people. Are they telling me women had NO OTHER options back then? If there were no choices back then, how were they being empowered? More like sold the idea of it! (Talk about piss on my leg then tell me its raining). If Hefner empowered women, why was HE the one who had the most power overall? HE benefitted the MOST according to his assets! I wonder how many women he DISSUADED from prostitution regardless it was thier choice? How many non sexual women's issues did he give charity or support to? How many instances did he lend his support to that did not include sexual revelations to men or women?
    A black or latino or asian man would never get kudos with the same legacy as they would be called a PIMP or in a woman's case in the same position- a MADAM! Yet another example of America's double standards and blind existence of WHITE MALE priviledge! It was called Playboy Mansion because the owner was white and a male who knocked champagne glasses with the likes of. It would have been called a brothel if it were owned by a female or brothel if the owner was non white period. I love Whoopy but on this occasion, a woman taking 'her destiny in her own hands' should benefit her. Sure they chose to be bunnies ect but they were NOT empowered. A suicide victim does not 'empower' themselves when they CHOOSE to kill themselves nor do they benefit for the sake of taking 'thier desitiny in thier own hands'. In the same vein, STOP excusing Hugh Hefner's prolonged sexual deviance as EMPOWERMENT towards women. STOP with the praising of this man.

  15. Pretty sure I remember Kendra and Holly having a ton of bad things to say about that gross bastard. He's not a legend, he's a manipulative pervert.

  16. Heff was not just an iconic legend and historic figure, but he was my friend, a gentleman, a father, a hero to many including my father lol, and if it wasn't for him I would still be this clueless little girl only dreaming and never living the fairy tale he turned my life into. Hef gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and it was instant fame. I'm not exactly sure how I got so lucky to have not only graced the pages of Playboy Magazine as Miss September 2008, But I got to become a reality tv Personality on my favorite reality show, meet all my favorite celebs, walk the red carpet with the celebs, and live the life of a rockstar. But don't think it was all party party party. The mansion had calmed down by then and Hef was just a normal man living up to his legend. He was still human. He was my hero that took me out of my rabbit hole and I emerged into a Playboy Bunny ?. all my life I was told that we southern girls have a less chance of making it and becoming famous. Well I think Monroe and West Monroe, Louisiana was shocked to hear when their very own hometown girl say "I'm Valerie Mason, I'm 19 Years Old and I'm from Monroe, Louisiana" …this show was the number one reality show for several seasons and I was on it representing and showing everyone who said I could that I can. Yes I had people that disagreed being from the Bible Belt. But I felt Heff Instead Glorified us females and gave us a voice. Confidence was something i never had and I had been bullied throughout my younger years. This was defiantly something I wasn't used to. It's amazing how being on television will make everyone worship you for doing absolutely nothing. I was just lucky. I tell those people who want to judge and tell me what I did was wrong that I'm now proud of my body and not ashamed. Heff and Playboy Magazine I have to thank for that. Half of the people who judge would probably do it given the chance but i was just that way until I was presented with the opportunity. I was a virgin till 18 and at 19 I was taking off my clothes on national television and modeling for the largest men's magazine, the same magazine Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy and so many others had graced. If I sat back and worried about what others think about that decision then I would be so depressed. But instead I have these amazing memories of living a lifestyle most women only dream of and I never had to do anything against my moral standards. I was an independent woman with a newfound confidence thanks to the icon and my dear friend, Hugh Hefner. Love you Heff! Say Hello to my brother for me if you see him on the other side! My prayers are with your family. Xoxo

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