China Rumors Intensify, Bitcoin Drops, Exchange Analysis, CPU Mining, Invest 4 Cashflow – CMTV Ep52

As we move deeper into the current Bitcoin markets, we are seeing renewed China rumors about mining and exchanges being shut down. But is it really that bad? We also talk about mining with a computer and the best ways to think about investing in these markets.


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Written by frances

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  1. the only ones affected by Chinese regulations IMO are the Chinese, I feel for them mining and trading is their way to freedom. I would love to see them find a way but the reality is mining will go elsewhere,

  2. if you like mining without needing a fast computer or even without being online, you have to take a look at NEM!
    I would recommend everybody to take a look at NEM at all, it has the best blockchain in the market from the technical point of view.

  3. i really appreciate your channel , it has such clarity and down to earth advice , i look forwards to your analysis every day and am really grateful

  4. Man i love your videos, I always watch them first thing in the morning with a coffee props on the rich dad poor dad recommendation, bought it 4 days ago :), Keep up the good work!

  5. You have a lot of discipline and a calm clear head.

    I think you are kind of the Reverse-Suppoman. (I like that guy too! Good to have all perspectives)

  6. Mining at the moment from what i can see the most profitable would be litecoin with the new bitmain asic miners providing you can get a hold of some. Just need to profit enough from these before difficulty makes it not profitable as the resale value will be nothing. Im sticking with gpu mining for now doing eth+lbry

  7. I like how you pointed out that bittrex is treading against that shady usdt but bitfinex is trading usd (who created tether and does not allow usd deposit… using tether)…. also why are you pointing out that china exchange contributes 4% to market volume….. if that is 2 weeks old and most of those exchange are no longer listed on CMC… what happened to treading volumes since the announcement and end off flush sales…..

  8. @ 24 mins in, Substratum aims to do just that. You can run a master node on your computer to help host websites while you don't use the computer. Same on your phone to a certain degree.

  9. Bitfinex exchange is located in Hong Kong China is it not? The percentage affected by the ban overall is higher than you mentioned? . Regardless Awesome info and resources mentioned in your video's Carter!

  10. Great video Carter … I love your videos and watch each and every one of them … I get awesome insight from them everyday.

    Just a two things I thought of listening to your video … I have a few mining rigs of my own … but the thing that I have realized is that it is not as easy as you press a button and you make my money … it takes maintenance and some expertise to keep it running properly … though there are plenty of Youtube videos on the subject … that is how I learnt …. Secondly, the enviromental impact of mining is huge and hence one of the reasons Ethereum is moving towards Proof of Stake rather than Proof of Work. Hence I am not expanding further into mining…. But I cannot quit just yet as I have already invested some money and want to recover it somewhat.

  11. Once again great video, I think u offer people great information, keep it up, I watch u daily, I just wanted to mention Centra real quick, they have a active crytpo to debit card for most of the world, I have been watching and following them for a long time and their support is great and a real positive team, If you get a change check them out if you havent alread, thanks

  12. Say for example that China actually bans mining. Won't it be better in the long run? More mining redistributed across the world (Europe and US as well as Japan and Korea). Isn't it actually good? I know that Bitcoin network and price will suffer immensely at first but we're in it for the long term! I'm not trader.

  13. Yes, the plan helps, sometimes, but I like Mike Tyson's saying – "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." The real truth of life.

  14. If you wanna get rid of flutter echo you need to add specific sound proofing in very specific points. To be honest it would not be worth the investment, because you would need a lot to do anything noticeable.

  15. Using trading view free as a primary platform, considering mining on a single standard PC. Why are all Crypto traders complete apes?

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