Chinese New Year’s Effect on the Crypto Market [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

Chinese New Year’s Effect on the Crypto Market [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – 2/13/2018 –

A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies today. Market is going sideways. A lot of topics including MEW’s found splitting ways. I look at Electroneum and I discuss how Chinese New Year can have an effect on the crypto market.

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Full Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Everything I say is my own opinion and you should not take my opinion as financial advice. I own many of the coins I discuss within my videos.

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Written by frances

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  1. The length of time you actually need to trust Cryptopia is a matter of minutes by purchasing Electroneum the way have: simply buying ETN on Cryptopia and immediately transferring it to the Electroneum wallet (which they worked with the most reputable anti-hacking company out there to develop and secure) OR there is also the option to transfer to My Ether Wallet (or something similar) if you don't want to put the coins in the ETN wallet. I personally wouldn't miss out on a cryptocurrency I really liked simply due to the exchange it trades on because there are easy ways to limit your risk to next to nothing by purchasing and immediately transferring the cryptocurrency elsewhere. I did the same thing with Storm on another exchange as well btw. Just some food for thought…and keep up the great work, I always enjoy and appreciate your videos!

  2. George, first thank you for doing what you are, very mutch appreciated. Made me an insider… develloped a good wallet (i think) and learning a LOT !! You are in my morning "ritual" (in stead of the BS newspapers) Hope your dog is still ok ! Question…… it could be me, but i could not find it. Can you tell me when the up or down percentages are set to zero again every day ?? See you tomorrow dude !! Keep up the good work !! Best regards……………….

  3. Very surprised by your remarks about Cryptopia. Always found it to be an excellent exchange and one of the few that i can easily get Fiat onto to. small volumes can be a nuisance but good entry to the market.
    The fact that it was 'down' recently was the hassle that came about with credit card deposits onto the exchange – they worked quickly to sort it and was back up faster than Binance. they closed to subscribers briefly – so did most of the bigger exchanges.You don't trust it because…?
    Yes it's small but run competently in New Zealand and very open. May I quote you and say 'do your own research'?
    Also it does get a little wearing hearing you say every video that 'was going to look into that' and there's rarely a comment in a later video where you did actually go and look it up. Good for us though as it teaches us to go and do our own research but please stop saying you don't like bitcoin cash. Fine, you don't like it but don't let emotion colour your value judgements – traders should be objective, right? point out why it's bad from an investment or utilitarian POV.
    merely hinting that some people are not sure how the market is going doesn't really cover the 80% likelihood that BTC is going to drop below 5K after a rise to over 10.

  4. Im surprised you have not seen Elastos, as it seems to hit most of your points
    Enterprise coin, can run dapps
    strong partnerships
    Has a beta (not for public)
    Definelty under the radar, as it only trades on huobi and the circulating supply has not been updated on CMC, I believe it is very low at about 6M

  5. Hi George. Keep up the good work and continue to improve. There is always going to be people that like what you do, and some that don't. I hope you will go back to the old Power Point format. The new one is too generic and not much different from anywhere else. We like to hear which specific coins and tokens that you favor at that specific time. This will obviously change from time to time due to market moves, news, events, etc.

  6. Hi George. I would be great to hear your views on IOTA. What do you think about all the hype around the "Q Project" and the potential launch of a new and improved wallet (much needed!)? One of the founders claims that they will overtake Bitcoin Cash on coinmarketcap. I find this very unprofessional and speculative. They should rather focus on their project and deliver a high quality product and wallet.

  7. Another great video! We will be out of the woods soon and the BIG comeback is coming! I'm gonna talk abkut this soon as well!

  8. question? what cryptocurrency is in your opinion focusing the most on the masses. I think it is ETN. used Cryptopia a couple of times after i bought etn i send it to my etn wallet (paper also possible).
    Next week they will be on the GSMA(invite) they are the new boy on the street. after all the partnerships they wil have between 500-1b users. I don't know another coin who has that many people.
    ohyea they will be on other exchanges shortly (before the GSMA). but they are out for just 40days. and to get on new exchanges is more difficult because they are a fork of monero. Hope you will reply.

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