CJI Impeachment : Attempt To Save Democracy Or Revenge Petition By Congress ? | Newsroom

In an unprecedented move, seven opposition parties in the country led by the Congress had moved an impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Mishra accusing him of alleged improprieties. While the Congress insist that there is no politics behind the move, the BJP is calling it a revenge notice after the setback in the Justice Loya death case.
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  1. Its attempt to save democracy……. He could touch daliit atrocity act…. So our representatives should impeachment on CJI…. Here in india voter is supreme of india,….. not supreme Court….. Now Supreme court is under the control of bjp government…. All indians understood this truth.

  2. Congress ne Supreme Court pe attack karke poore desh ki janta pe attack kiya hai..India loves Supreme Court and Indians stand with Supreme Court..Supreme Court is the only institution Indians trust not corrupt politicians and corrupt parliament..

  3. Chor se pooch rahe ho kya tumne chori ki hai..don't ask anthing from Congress it is very clear how low can Congress can get that they can even break Indian Democracy and Judiciary..don't ask again and again from Congress "kya tumne chori ki?"..People in 2019 will give them is shameless..

  4. CJI says "judges dont lie" that means those 4 judges who says democracy is in danger are right, isnt it?

  5. man wht congress doing??
    just to win election thy r destroying institution one by one, first Election Commission thn RBI & now Supreme court.
    can't thy think about nation?? or is it just do anything to come power?

  6. the only way to  save democracy is to get rid of Rahul and congress they have ruled india for 65 years along with the supreme court congress even had placed an emergency on the owners (people) of india

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