CNBC’S Brian Kelly answers questions on Bitcoin Cash

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  1. Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin
    Bitcoin is a monetary and payment system, one that is peer-to-peer, decentralised, a blockchain, and a chain of digital signatures.
    BTC with SegWit is literally an Altcoin as SegWit is no longer chain of digital signatures, and BTC is broken Bitcoin (which Blockstream have done on purpose with small blocks and RBF "feature" which no one asked for, yet they claim how they don't do anything without consensus but they had ZERO consensus for RBF… go figure, right? That's what's called double standards and bullshit)

    And all the narrative that Lightning can scale Bitcoin, that is as truthful as saying that you can talk English by using German language.
    Bitcoin and Lightning are two separate and very different systems, and they have nothing in common, other than they both use cryptography, and only other thing connecting them is that you fund the Lightning channels from funds from BTC, and all relation ends there.

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