coinbase news update ripple is soaring ethereum over 1000.

it looks like Bitcoin price is on the rise currently and look at Litecoin go!!

which wallet to use. I just use binance for my exchange and various wallets.

don’t store all your eggs in one basket right?

cryptos cryptocurrency are a hot topic
people are wondering whether or not to buy?

you might ask why is Bitcoin going up.

you still have to use it to get access to all the others.

What do you think?

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. One thing people seem to have forgotten is that GDAX hasn’t added the BTC, EUR, and GBP trading pairs for Bitcoin Cash. They’re supposedly coming this month and I’ll be loading up on BCH in the mean time while it’s cheap.

  2. How's the etch coming along? I think ripple is not good to hold. Raiblocks is amazing tech. BCC and EDG are my picks this month. Metal, ARK and trx are good bags to hold also. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Almost all cryptos are better than bitcoin. Bitcoin however is the most secure of all coins. Bitcoin doesn't have a central team that can be seized. There are hundreds of coders for bitcoin. Compare that to ether. The team is well known and governments can round them up anytime they want. That makes it hopelessly less secure compared to bitcoin. That's why most of the hedge fund money is going into bitcoin.

  4. Totally agree with you on the psychology of the penny coins vs the multi thousand dollar coin of bitcoin. Unfortunately the dumb asses don't look at the coin supply and dream of their 1 cent coin hitting 20,000 dollars.

  5. Before you start you own Crypto Channel, maybe first educate yourself on Marketcap and how it means NOTHING!!!!!!!

  6. I called a ripple a bubble last weekend….when ppl who don't even care about crypto call me up an ask me should they buy xrp…

  7. Great presentation and delivery, you prepared your notes and its shows. You've been VERY helpful to me since the middle of 2017 and you continue to push and work hard. Thank you Austin!

  8. Dude, you should cover ETCH!! Don't only cover positive success stories.
    You endorsed this ICO and it seems like nobody is getting their tokens. It would make you a lot more credible if you also talk about the predictions you f$;@ed up. 
    Besides, covering what's going on with this ICO probably will put some pressure on them as well to release a statement.
    Have balls and make a video on that!

  9. Ya, I expect BCC, Monero, ZEC to rise not BTC, because BTC has lost the reason to rise, cannot be used anymore to buy or sell stuff 🙂
    I think that BTC will rise a little bit until more people know that can not be used anymore for regular transaction, after that will go down little by little, you can see that Bitpay and other services cannot use anymore BTC, will use BCC.

  10. FYI. Binance has suspended all new accounts. No new users and there are scammers making fake pages. Dont fall for it

    This is what noob investors who buy at high prices say when they're left holding a bag.
    Control your FOMO peeps and buy undervalued coins before the pump up. Right now I'm looking at QSP ,SUB ,POWR and DNT which have low market cap under 1 billion and great potential to be in to 20 position very soon.

  12. who is we? You live in your moms bedroom , are unemployed and doing stupid videos. You are a flat broke fucker doing videos to be trendy. Bet you are Canadian targeting the USA . Your country is broke!

  13. Thats not a bouble bottom. A double bottom only occurs at the bottom of a down trend. But my next short term target for bitcoin is 30K

  14. I was set up with Coinbase and made many buys… for some reason they need my identification again and it won't go through… what's up with that???

  15. Hey Austin I really like your videos plus I like the music your videos have in the beginning, what is that music/tune?, I want to download that.

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