Coins I like Under $150 Million in Market Cap [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

Coins I like Under $150 Million in Market Cap [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – 2/19/2018 –

A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies today. Slow news day. Market moves up slightly. A review of the coins I like under $150 million in market cap.

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Full Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Everything I say is my own opinion and you should not take my opinion as financial advice. I own many of the coins I discuss within my videos. Nothing I say is a direct recommendation.

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Written by frances

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  2. Hey CRU, look for a bump on ADA Cardano. Upcoming ADA meeting Feb 28, might wanna update the sheep so they don't sell before the bump.

  3. Nice video, I think OST Simple Token is really going to make some waves in 2018. They keep adding partnerships within their ecosystem and have a great business model. Thanks

  4. love the info again George and am interested in TKS but i am really unsure about the waves wallet. Just don't like how it looks or is it just me

  5. Hi am form India,i invested most of my money in bitcoin & tron hoping to get some good return so i can use that money to help underprivileged children more from my country…..So i really need genuine advice should i wait or get out with whatever is left… Also if anyone like to donate something, below is my bitcoin & Tron address..
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    Thanks god bless

  6. Why is Raiden Network getting pumped? Could not find any news on it. Should we ride the Bitcoin wave? it looks like its sucking all the Altcoins. What kind of strategy should we adapt right now as a investor/swingtrader. Do we get answers on these subjects within the Insider program? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the video George, have you rethought your position on Eth vs. BTC? Would love to hear an update on that, BTC dominance is growing.

  8. I like your videos but I believe you pump coins on this channel for yourself & your "insiders". Ain't mad at that tho. It's the nature of this space

  9. Loved your Under $150 Million Top 10. I have some comments on each coin.
    Achain – How many platforms will there be? They could be the best, but will people use Achain instead of ETH or NEO or even ICON? You say that all they need is some marketing, but what if they never learn how to market their platform?
    ETHLend – I bought some of these just in case I missed something because I like the idea about lending P2P, But what use does the LEND token have? As far as I can see, you don't need LEND to borrow money. You can put up other Cryptocurrencies as collateral. Love the idea, but don't know how the token is needed.
    Telcoin – Love it! I had this one before your Dent vs Telcoin show. After the show, bought some more.
    Bluzele – I kinda get it but didn't really understand why it's needed.
    Eidoo – been accumulating ever since you mentioned it. EDO will end up being one of my biggest holdings.
    WABI – Again, like the idea (like Vechain and Walton) but don't see why the coin is needed. I bought a little in case I am missing something. Also, why WABI instead of MODUM?
    Gifto – I was hoping to get in on the lows but didn't get paid in time. Then it jumped. I will be buying it either way and if it falls again, accumulate some more. If they can get on all the social media platforms with this idea, that would be huge.
    Nuls – again, how many platforms does the world need. I bought a little, but what incentive do people have to use new platforms?
    Unikoin Gold – I love it. I also bought some Play2Live after your review. If one of them works out, I'm buying a very nice car.
    Lunyr – I bought before the site launch and sold the day of for a nice little profit. Now I am hoping it falls off the radar so I can pick up some cheapies.
    Long comment. Not sure you look at them. BTW, my Top 10 under 150M – STORM, TELcoin, MED, AMBrosus, Eidoo, Theta, Gifto, Unikoin, Trade Token, Bitclave.
    Can't wait for your $150-500M Top 10.
    My top 10 Under 500M – KCS, LRC, DRGN, QASH, NAS, GNT, AION, POWR, FUN, QSP. Just to see if any of mine are on your list.

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