Crypto News: Bitcoin Turns Bearish! ERC20 Bug, ICON Blockchain Fund, Snoop Dogg XRP

Crypto News: Bitcoin Turns Bearish! ERC20 Bug, ICON Blockchain Fund, Snoop Dogg XRP

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Written by frances

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  1. Thank you for the awesome update again.

    I hope you talk about SRN (finney phone) one day and the possibilities it will give to every one in the world to have easy and simple access to the cryptocurrency world.

    Thank you from a dedicated FUD TV fan!!!!!


  2. An experienced trader would expect a profit taking day right after the accelerated price movement seen yesterday in BTC. Right now the price of BTC is trading slightly above its newly formed support area. I see nothing to worry about at this time.

  3. Aye man bearish and bullish is good AND bad and it's all decided by the eyes of the beholder.

    Bitcoin goes up? Woo more money!
    Bitcoin goes down? Woo more bitcoin!

    Imma find a win one way or another haha and that's what makes this ride fun as FUCK bois!

  4. How great that the best (well some of the) minds at MIT are engaging and that you are able to respond with the authority of experience and your own research, to their ideas with your own very well-thought-through observations.

  5. I've been watching you for several months now and youdefinitely took the spot for #1 in crypto news for me. Keep up the great content and see you at the top brother👍

  6. Enough with the FUD, this is simply a standard correction on an Elliot wave. It will bounce higher off 8500 Fib level

  7. 10:10 Justin Sun "Wait for me, I too am a Luciferianism Illuminati celebrity." (As he highlights Lucifer's lightening strike symbol integrated in Tron Logo)

  8. These people need to stop trying to figure out how to take down bitcoin and just accept it and get on board before we take off for the moon.

    There are still a couple of open spots but they’re filling up fast 🚀🚀🚀

  9. on Justin Sun TRON: it does not hurt to have entertaining marketing imo – just like your show uses the zooming and distorted voice to accent points 🙂 keep up the great work !

  10. As always appreciate the true and honest reports, implement them with your own research and you should be sitting pretty good these days!

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