Cryptocurrency Day Trading – Bitcoin 8500 incoming – bCash crashes to 850

Latest Bitcoin News:

1. Bitcoin is more profitable to mine than bCash

How to make money? Buy low and sell it back higher

What to consider? Trading costs can be expensive. You can drastically increase your profits by being a patient trader who trades specifically limit order types with

You can also earn daily interest in the Forex market by the Swap rate differentials ( central bank interest rates) Use this brokerage with bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, bitcoinCash and bitcoinGold deposits –

You can also change the chart/template that you see streaming live by logging into your telegram messenger app –

You can select any market Crypto, Stocks, Forex, etc then /chart select the Market you wish to see , then select the timeframe of the chart , then the template ( technical analysis). You can buy the MT4 Telegram Bot at


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