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Price predictions for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Ripple, Stellar and Cardano crypto price predictions!
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Written by frances

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  1. i love NEO and i think in the next 2 years it is going to be a top 3 crypto and well over the 1500 price point

    ETH : 0x51c4311b6df05f22d74f402b8eb4b4d4c088ffa6

  2. Hey Zach could you do a video showing exactly how you go about earning gas with Neo??

    Eth: 0x71e27aD9406BaC07DA17F6522EdEB6607567ED09

  3. VOTE FOR DENT TO BE EXCHANGED ON BINANCE!!! If you don't know what Dent is, do some research! You'll become a believer instantly! Data Exchange. A tech company that's actually solving a problem through its product. Vote, invest, buy data, sell data, get your lambo!

  4. Really love all the videos you produce. Keep up the good work looking forward to what the future holds for crypto

  5. Hey, really enjoy your videos, helped me out a lot in understanding crypto more, starting to trade and slowly build, a lot based around your videos and doing more research, so thank you!
    ETH Wallet; 0x1b537E5F37448F0cbfe2A139F0e4873a4a11Fe7d

  6. I started watching your channel soon after you started it. You have been so helpful thank you


  7. Really love all the videos you produce. Keep up the good work looking forward to what the future holds for cryptos

  8. Legit video mate! Lets talk more Tron and Cardano? High hopes for this tech in the future.


  9. Hey do you know that trading cryptocurrency with a good strategy is the secret to winning. i invested at the start of 2017 with the sum of $500,000 and had a triple profit of $1,500,000 at the end of the year. i will like you also to invest and become financially independent. You are free to contact me on my mobile number +1 323 546 0275 or you can write me on (

  10. Neo is legit. Neblio is legit. Dropil is legit. top 100 coin by end of year!

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  12. Bitcoins pretty much obsolete.. Litecoin has machines etc and now litepay 0x447e1420d7eaf0124db29f8ecee993d335f48b7b

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