Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin Banned in Canada? OmiseGo MakerDAO, Ontology Bull Run, Nano Legal Fund

Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin Banned in Canada? OmiseGo MakerDAO, Ontology Bull Run

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  1. Great video like always. What are your thoughts on EOS airdrop coming up on 15 APR? love it if you cover it in your next video.

  2. I am also wary of Verge so whenever I see a reasonable profit on the coin I take the profit out leaving the base value I initially invested in the coin. The profit goes into ONT. If XVG does take off, on whatever their supposedly grand announcement is on the 17th, I will be in for the ride, if not and it collapses then little is lost.

  3. I am in Canada, it is only some banks in canada. Mind you , we have 5 banks. so there is really only 1-2 banks that allow crypto purchases.

  4. haha love the xvg comment or laack there of…..feeeling the same over here but i've gotta cover it because we're under 1k subs and need all the clickbait we can get 🙁

  5. I think that the reduced market cap as of recent can be explained in some part to the increasing difficulty in getting fiat converted to crypto. I could use my credit cards until recently, now Coinbase is the only convenient option, though certainly the slowest.

  6. Great content as always.

    I hope Bitcoin shoots up soon, so you can buy a new camera and microphone. Everything else looks quite professional.

  7. Thank you for the video.. I like the Short N to the Point.. Watching you I always on top of who is moving forward with the regulations, Huge Very important..

  8. Trying my best to get through 3 days of my favourite Crypto channels in one night…'s bloody hard. I'm behind on my crypto news..not good.

  9. If a government (Candada now, remember China, India, Turkey,…) is banning cryptocurrencies like BTC maybe it's a good moment to move to privacy coins: Monero, Verge, PIVX, DeepOnion, Zcash, Dash, just choose some of them and enjoy your anonymity.

  10. I have a question, I don't come to this channel a lot but this caught my attention and the comment about coinbase getting friendly with the regulators and Binance jumping around has me thinking. I would think you have more coins then what coinbase offers if not then this question isnt for you, but if only the coins on coinbase get regulated or coinbase gets regulated then what about all the other coins would they just become useless would Binance not be a viable place to buy or trade im confused because if that's the case it would make coinbase a monopoly and then people would look at coinbase as the only place to go when Binance is much better would you have to move your coins to coinbase I'm confused its lots of tokens and coins just as good if not better than the 4 they have and if coinbase becomes regulated can Binance become rwgulated too, I guess my main concern is about the other coins like icx, omg, neo, ripple, and many more are just as good as anything coinbase has, and this is for America

  11. Your videos are great, but the titles for your videos are so misleading…..You don't need the crappy titles to attract views mate, just discredit your content….just my opinion.

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