Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin Bull Run? Ripple App, Binance Coin Burn, OkEx to Malta, EOS Flippening

Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin Bull Run? Ripple App, Binance Coin Burn, OkEx to Malta, EOS Flippening

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  1. well that's kinda contravercial) when i sign a transaction i do not need to trust anyone for it to be processed and received. but in ICO it's vice versa. my only option is to totally100% rely on their team's promices, represented by whitepaper and a ton of marketing. So yeah, delivering on promices is how to build the worldwide striving and flourishing community

  2. I must.. not.. FOMO.. In… – Trying.. to keep.. strong hands.. away.. from.. buy button! Repeat mantra to self ~ "BUY RED, SELL GREEN, Buy Red, Sell Green, buy red, sell green.." ~ OK, I'm calmed down now, feel better to HODL my BTC and keep DCAing weekly, regardless. 🙂

  3. Eos is pumping because of an airdrop .. people have to have registered Eos by april 16th to get the airdrop i believe

  4. Today is a GOOD DAY!! I can tell not only by the charts, but by how happy you were on this video! I think even your hair was "higher" today HAHAHA!! Truly though, your channel has become my favorite. I watch every video you put out. Don't change a thing. Keep it the way it is!! FOMO is a MOFO…yea I FOMO'd into Ontology the other day. 3 days of gains and I jump in, then it stopped LMAO…Im good though, I believe it will be a great one! See you at the top bro!

  5. ugh i sold eth at 10% profit in 24 hrs and now it would be at 13% . i thought that this would be like the recent spikes, up for a day then the next day down, but i now believe that this may be the next bull market for the next few months. so, im hoping to buy eth back when it comes back down. thoughts?????

  6. Great content.

    Instead of adding a "*Toronto", you could have cut to a funny "Torooooooonnto" or something. It would've hidden the mistake, and we wouldn't have heard "Montreal" at all.

  7. The EOS platform doesn't exist. If you invest, it's donation only. In order to qualify for freebies one had to buy in at a 100 token minimum…hence the buying frenzy. Only Ethereum should remain fearful not Litecoin….Right? And even that is a shot in the dark considering they are existing as an ERC 20 token on the network it claims to have the capability to destroy. #LitecoinFam

  8. Yesterday was a great day for all the portfolios, I only saw green colors lol. I think that this will go on in currencies such as BitCoin and Ethereum (little bull run), DeepOnion (next week finish its airdrop period), TRX (recovery after their live event) and some more. Great video FUDTV 😀

  9. Congrats to all those that benefited from this week's trade….. This is another opportunity for those people left to participate in Bitcoin trading….. Parwinder is ready to help 10 more people learn how to make $200 PER DAY using BITCOIN. PASSIVE INCOME. Say 'YES' for details only serious members

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