Daily Update (11/09/17) | GE looks towards blockchain, and Citigroup talks down Bitcoin

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Written by frances

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  1. Please do a show on Excel Crypto Portfolio tracking spread sheet. A very important and necessary tool for everyone to track their many coins profit/ loss . Thank you

  2. Hello Nick!! You are awesome! How can we connect on LinkedIn? I really like to be a connection with such a great and influential person! Keep up the good work.
    Greetings from Limassol, Cyprus!

  3. Hey Nick, I found your comments about the banks particularly interesting! I've noticed that banka often have resort to a "Blockchain, not Bitcoin"-discourse, in which they hype blockchain and diss Bitcoin. How would you make sense of this? I always thought that Bitcoin (or another currency) was part and parcel of cannot have the one without the other. Would be cool if you could talk about this topic on your channel! Besides that thank you for serving us good content on a regular base!

  4. When BTC is going into a correction do you think is better to change it for Alt coins or for USDT in your opinion? Take in consideration that my focus is to get more BTC not USD.

  5. Yes, Bitcoin is WAY outa the channel and will correct to maybe 5500. IMO
    I have always contented that BitcoinCash will be a winner. It's presently breaking out from a 'Pan & Handle' chart and may beak it's all time high….ur thoughts?

  6. Nick some ideas when you hit the 100k? some kind of special Video, maybe something personal about your daily life or something good Ideas anyone?

  7. QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT: Because of Youtube's lack of effort towards fixing the real issues of its platform, many bot accounts are still lingering in the comments below. DON'T take any offers from them, they're scams!

  8. Agree on that you said about banking system( around 16.01 minutes of the video). I think many banks made profit by just charge ridiculous fee to us.

  9. Hello comments section people I m new to cryptocurrency and I m broke, could someone help me and donate some BTC


  10. the CME has made their've got some reading up to do!..and not sure what you are meaning re: them needing "approval." the CME?? from who, exactly??

    and the IRS seems stunted at this time, re: Bitcoin..anyone has anything solid about that, please send links..because i have yet to find anything substantial on that topic.

  11. How is it that the same year we get President Trump, cryptocurriencies boom? Nick you said the words "giving power back to the people" christian or not these things are both a gift from GOD.

  12. I getting tired of hearing this Bitcoin controversy. Let’s talk about some up and comers … Bitcoin is pulling back and will make new highs and lows- the cycle continues

  13. in India.. we really could really build a world of finance for the world.
    i hope that will all my heart.. long live crypto….. its time we closed the astronomical gap between the rich and the poor..
    p.s. nick u are a rare gem of our world.

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