Daily Update (3/22/2018) | Binance hit by fake news as Bitcoin approaches a death cross

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  1. Death Cross is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I bet if the media and TA gurus told people a death cross meant that the price will skyrocket, people would start FOMO'ing into it.

  2. As one of the biggest crypto channels, do you think you could help to dispell the baseless and misrepresented FUD regarding "child porn on BTC blockchain" as was eg. trending on BBC website today ?

    I think the best response to child pornography stuff was Giaccomo Zucco's description of on Tone Vays morning brief today and how it compares to existing internet architecture. Immutability of the data is a new factor but in another sense, ISPs do not have action taken against them for providing the platform for this activity, so why should Bitcoin; also let's not forget about the lack of anonimity and potential for tracability of information on the BTC blockchain. Another thing – the links may be there forever but no actual photo or video content is stored on the blockchain, but the domains/addresses themselves and the content on them are much easier to remove, meaning if you are someone who is willing to participate in such horrible things, you won't be able to access it and if rather than propagating it the source is replaced with or has some sort of honeypot or tracking service linked to it it could serve as a way to track these individuals, correct? I may be wrong but from what I've heard just Tor (even from their own FAQ) is not the most anonymous way to browse the deep web at all, especially for the "Five Eyes" states and injection of fake exit nodes, and a lack of this kind of action given other invigilation activity in that space would only show how little interest there really is in dealing with these issues from state actors. I'd love more insight on this from someone who has more knowledge and experience regarding these things from a tech perspective. I realise I'm providing no solutions, just pointing out potentially huge hipocrisy, misinformation and pure FUD.

  3. Gig9 has pretty much everything you need to connect to your local service providers..!!great idea. Registered to the whitelist already

  4. Mr. Merten, is it possible to send you my portfolio on excel to get your opinion? I put money into 33 different projects and am hodling long term to see what happens. I wouldn't make any changes, but I would genuinely appreciate your opinion in regards to the path I took. I know you're busy but had to ask. Either way, great channel and keep doing what you're doing. It's great for the crypto community!

  5. Hey Mate, Would like to see you challenge 'They Call me Dan' on the new fantasy crypto game (aka no limit coin)

  6. Hey Nick, Node Investor has a vlog on the death cross saying that the moving averages should be 36 and 140 instead of 200 and 50. He says we already had the death cross. What is your take on this?

  7. Would you consider taking another look at WaBi, You mentioned back in Jan this was a pick of the month for you. Given all the recent FUD and bear market stuff going on, WaBi is in a great buying zone and has some big releases at the end of Q1 and more importantly Q2. Do you still take a positive stance on WaBi's future?

  8. Can you do a review on advertising tokens, it's one of the areas I believe will be disrupting, especially as Facebook is taking a dive? Adbank, DTA, NAS and BAT

  9. Hi!

    I admire your channel and think is the best for start to learn cryptocurrency. I got one question for you and that is Where to trade ? I use more than 20 exchanges and big list of this ex are trade BTC/Tether. Many bad news are written for tether and last one that they printed 300M more. Is it god to trade for example on Bitfinex becouse BTC/USD or use Binance for BTC/USDT?

  10. Can you do an interview with the NAV coin team. One of the few legit opensource projects. That did not do an ICO or payment for any exchange listings thank you!

  11. Hey Nick.
    Just saw Binance moves to Malta. Malta wants to be a hub for crypto and welcomes binance and other exchanges.

    Could be very good news and restore some faith. A nation backing crypto and exchanges is exactly what is needed right now

  12. Guys, the bears won't stop dominating until a STRONG SUB $5750 btc, perhaps $3K. Try dialing your expectations into Sep 2018.

  13. Hey Nick, I like your expertise in chart analyses and your knowledge in the cypto community. Peter from Decentralized TV is looking for input from people like you to help build a crypto-social exchange.

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  15. Binance has huge lag during high volume. Also they have been hacked. Its real news. they are moving out of Japan.

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