Daily Update (3/28/2018) | CBOE encourages SEC to approve Bitcoin ETFs

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  1. Huh? All top coins seem down? It seems like it the gen3 coins which are grabbing market share – ICX, ONT, EOS, POWER etc. Anything with a manipulatable market cap. It could be investors are keeping BTC at a 'healthy' price by hedging into the Alt market, and making pump gains on the manipulatable folio.

  2. I know it was a sip,, but that is certainly NOT Shilling. I know u know this, j just really agree with a previous comment you made regarding the ridiculous overuse and misuse of the term in our beloved space.. You're a quality creator, so I'm sure your newsletter likely has value too; so promote the shiznit outta it without hesitation or hint of apology bro! Keep it up Nic, thx

  3. G'day Nick. For someone who is new to trading like myself, would the technical analysis summary (sell-buy) in trading view be worth following until I believe I can analyze the charts myself with confidence?

  4. Won't there be one last altcoin mini-dip across the board once bitcoin surges again before they all come back up as well? That's what happened last time lol

  5. What a great time to experience. Who would think 20 years ago something like this would happen. I believe that in about 20 years the world will become decentralized unless something bad happens to us. And it's nice to see that people with information and good opinion can reach the crowd and share the knowledge. Thanks for your videos and keep spreading the news!

  6. As always, I really appreciate your objective analysis. I’ve learned patience, especially after months of stupidity and making shitty trades. Maybe a Binance BNB token video. About to explode with upcoming coin burn and many announcements coming almost daily. CZ is on his game and always 2 steps ahead, which is why I feel very comfortable investing in BNB. I wouldn’t be surprised if their new block chain allows trading with much more than crypto. He called it an “asset” exchange. Who knows?

  7. Thanks for this video. Things have been looking bleak in the markets lately but your enthusiasm makes me believe we might soon be hitting bottom and looking for a good bounce.

  8. Amazing video, and I loved yesterday’s live stream.
    Quick question: would you recommend any other YouTubers in regards to TA, in both Crypto and Stock Markets? I would LOVE to learn more, and if they are anywhere near your level, it would be great! 😁👍

  9. I'd like written, just to have be able to share it with a few people I know wouldn't take the time to watch. I've wanted to share of a few pieces of news with them every once in awhile but don't, since I know they won't watch.

  10. on CBOE update: Not sure that is going to break the bear channel – we need a bigger bullish catalyst than that I think.

  11. I'm not sold on futures trading. This is 'the cartels' play ground right? So that may mean that BTC value will decrease and manipulation with increase. I look forward to the day that the crypto market does not rely on BTC to grow in confidence.

  12. im thinking a we will see a death cross in the next week a dip to test the previous lows we have had and then a rebound into golden cross coming into MAY and a small bullrun into june before a correction and then a run up for a big bull run end of year

  13. Long story short – market is tanking – don't buy – hold your cash until it hit 2k – then think about it. Any other analysis is detrimental to your audience…..geez.

  14. There is no volume, no buyers, nothing – why in hell would you say it is going to go up. Last time you said that the price was at 9k it is now at 8k…. no one is seeing a rebound but you.

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  16. Niko, do you Tweet? “short sweet and to the point” messages. =] I brush my teeth to ur videos❤️💯📈 Thank you

  17. Just want to say thank you for continuing to provide us with crypto content Nick. Others seem to stop when markets are down and I'm really not a fan of that.

  18. If regular traditional markets content on Youtube is too much work in terms of your schedule, perhaps you could make it a feature on Patreon?

  19. Great information again bro. The tree is being shaken and I'm still holding on. I'm a investor for the long hull and a trader for the short.

  20. follow me on ig "btcbox" to build a community to BUY all together the same coin at the same time, you know what it means $$$, if this is the way the market is going lets take advantage of it

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