Daisy Ridley DONE With Star Wars After Episode IX

According to the actress herself, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Episode IX will be her last time playing the character. She does not want to return to the role after the conclusion of the new trilogy. (

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Written by frances

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  1. In demand.. seriously? She's a terrible actor. You can count on one hand how many times she has her mouth sealed and not hanging open.

  2. What a stupid video….of course she's done after SW 9….because there isn't a 10….it's the end of the trilogy..oy!!!.

  3. Ridley did a good job of playing the charecter, but if these sequels just gives us more Mary Sue moments then it's probably best to just put the Rey charecter on the shelf and just focus on Finn and Poe.

    They honestly have a better bromance than Finn and (what's her face)'s actual romance, which was just tacked on and was only there to give Finn a forced love-interest. You could've cut ''what's her face'' and nothing would've been lost…aside from a reduntant and useless side-charecter, but we already had Jar Jar for that.

  4. She already did an Indie scifi showing her tits, came out right b4 Force Awakens and really, who gives a $hit? She probably gets insane amounts of money for just showing up somewhere and look pretty. She isn't gonna hurt for work. She is Disney's new lead poster bitch puppet. She will do fine and do powerful people, what she hasn't done already.

  5. She is a libtardish type of douche tool. Personally, watch her less popular interviews or interviews in unsuspecting mag articles.
    Condescending bitch.

  6. I gave an effort to like her but she obviously doesn't even LIKE Star Wars from any interview. It was just her first hollywood role and a fat check. I certainly won't miss her

  7. Good, didn't want her soiling Star Wars anymore than it already is. Now if they'll get rid of kathleen kennedy…

  8. Daisy can’t act worth a damn. Crying on command isn’t a sign of a brilliant actress: all one needs to do is clench up and focus on an upsetting thought, like losing a loved one. I’d be thrilled if we never get subjected to anyone in this new cast again: they are all crap. Oscar Isaac was great actor now he’s a clown.

  9. She really give everything on this role, and the fact the movie sucks is by no mean her fault. She was actually very good for the role, bringing a physicality and a charm into that character, most actress cannot bring in a movie like StarWars. Bad writing is not actors fault.

    But if i were in her shoes, i would not want to be part of star wars anymore simply because those last movies were awful and everybody knows it. On the other hand, if they could find a good writer and fire Ryan and Katleen, something could be done to bring Rey (and all other characters) back in a meaninfull way…. Sadly, Disney is a monster, way too big a company for its own good, full of people full of themself that cannot take any critics, whanever constructive it could be. it would take a major effort to bring back the franchise in the heart of the fans.

  10. Daisy Ridley WON’T be able to do anything else after Episode IX because of the awful nature of this trilogy!

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