Darth Vader and His BURNING Desire for an Army – Star Wars Comics Explained

After so many years spent serving his Emperor, Darth Vader now goes on a crusade to create his own private army and one day rule the galaxy….

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. wait…is this a reupload did I see this story in another channel? @[email protected]
    This is the issue with being subscribed to so multiple Star Wars comics channels, things like this happen every now and then xD
    Thanks for the video though

  2. It's really telling about the character of how tough, crafty, and just refusing to give up, quitting, when they got nerfed after getting handicapped from a fight, and given intentional design flaw impairments to his repaired body, to keep him from killing his master, and has literally everything thrown after him where he is the underdog but still comes out winning the confrontations anyway. This is despite having all those weaknesses. Do you know how tough that is?

    People asked why Darth Vader was more powerful than he normally is shown in rogue one. My reaction was, "What the heck are you talking about? HE WAS ALWAYS THAT O.P.! The guy literally blocked blaster bolts with not just one but BOTH of his bare hand artificial gloves in Empire Strikes Back. His shoulder even took a hit by his son's saber and it didn't even appear to melt it. He also technically won the battle both against his rematch with Obi-wanm then Luke in the 5th, then successfully killed the emperor while being shocked, something he was designed to no a pure weakness for, and STILL was not enough to stop him. I frankly I think the character is the definition of o.p. in the star wars universe. His handicaps don't even seem to have depowered him. If anything it just makes him appear more like an upgrade. (He became a cyborg with enhancements, and any flaws is circumvented by using the force to augment himself.) Gee… no wonder was wander Sideious had close watch and had precautions in place. He's literally like a cliche science fiction story; a scientific monster creation that could turn against you.

  3. Darth Vader and his BURNING desire to blow a man with unyielding desire inspired by burning desire as Bibleman.

  4. Somehow I'm not surprised because this commando Droid was more sentient then anything and it had creativity in its work, this is the only Droid I swear nobody should see before meeting their end

  5. So many references to children in the 2015 series and I love it. Cylo's cyborg "children", Cylo calling Vader his "child"; Vader stealing the "womb" to make his army (stealing the Queen's babies, symbolically); Vader killing his "inner child" in the final story as he'd done with the Jedi children in Ep. III; and of course, Luke Skywalker, Vader's son.

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