Darth Vader REVEALS Why He HATES the Death Star (CANON) – Star Wars Explained

Why did Darth Vader hate the Death Star so much?
Well, we finally have the answer!

Thank you for watching! May the force be with you!!!


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  1. Not at the discount of yours by any means, but I have a different theory. It has been known that Tarkin was one of the few imperial officers that Vader had genuine respect for. Other than being an ingenious tactician, Tarkin actually had the balls to call Vader out from time to time, which I think was something that ironically made Vader respect Tarkin more. So when Vader responds to Tarkin with "Not making a threat, making a prediction" he was genuinely warning him. Here is my theory: when Vader was a jedi as Skywalker, he was lauded for being an excellent tactician. It is safe to say that he gained enough experience, as a force welding general, to realize later on as a sith that, while powerful, the death star is bound to have some weakness, and that it'd only be a matter of time before someone capitalizes on the fact (that was a run on sentence for sure, oops). But I think that Vader knew he was bad enough of a motherf*cker to not feel threatened by the death star, and thus I think that he distrusted the death star for other, more practical reasons. Could be wrong for all I know but that's how I interpreted it.

  2. There's one big reason Vader should be in favor of it though. Obi Wan can't have the high ground if we blow up all the ground

  3. Shockingly this makes a ton of sense looking at it from Vader’s point of view the fear of being replaced plus there’s no honor in it

  4. I feel like, since Vader's source of power is his hatred for himself above all else, that the Death Star reminds him too much of himself. A living catalyst of the Force (Vader or the crystals), encased in metal, made to do other's bidding.

  5. Anakin seemed pretty cool with technological aberrations with huge clone army war ships. And he himself is a technlogical aberration.

  6. Do you think that's what vader really thought? I mena tarkin said it , not vader. I think vader knew the death star was a weak point in the empire just as thrawn did. I think vader truly beleive the force was all they needed. It was pretty evident that the death star distracted the emperor and allowed him to rely on the death star instead of relying on the force as he did prior to the empire. Vader also mentions his "prediction". It turned out to be true. Proving the force is superior to technology. The biggest question here is how didnt the emperor see this, sense this, feel this? Vader has mentioned his concerns to his master but has always been dismissed. We all know the rule of two, vader did plan on overthrowing his master until the last minute he decided to save his son. How could the arguably most powerful sith not see his demise? Is this a fault in sith philosophy? Power at all costs even if it means losing your own? IDK. Let's discuss?

  7. Sorry, love your content but this is another video thay is a huge stretch. Just because someone called someone out for something, doesn't mean what was said is true.

  8. Yet in the new Thrawn Alliances novel Vader is all for the DeathStar Is this a case of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing or just incompetence on the novelist part

  9. Vader warns tarkin not to put too much hope in the Death star (not his exact words, but same meaning). Tarkin then refuses to evacuate, believing that the Rebels could never destroy his most prized possesion (I know that it isn't his, but he commands it).

    Vader says that the battle station will become his tomb. Tarkin then dies in it.

    Who says that Vader can't see the future?
    Also please do a video on what would Vader do if he was on Mustafar again, facing obi-wan

  10. This is contradicted in the new canon already though! In Thrawn Alliances, Darth Vader is PRO-Death Star while Thrawn is ANTI-Death Star.

  11. Vader hated the Death Star, because it was a resource hungry gamble. Investing the same resources in Vader and his pilots and troops would have ended the rebellion for sure, just not as fast as the emperor wanted. The emperor wanted a shortcut, because he was pressed for time to figure out the key to immortality before he died and couldn't afford a lengthy time wasting war with a rebellion. He was placing too many bets on the Death Star and Vader knew.. He was not concerned about him being replaced.. There is always a place for Lord Vader.

  12. I don't like this explanation. It sounds like someone took one line and turned it into something it's not. I never got the feeling that Vader hated the Death Star. I always figured he saw it as a tool, just like his Super Star Destroyer, or his light saber, vs something to worship the way some of the imperial officers seemed to.

  13. Okay but as legends shows, glassings works as well to "kill" a planet. This should be why he hates it, it is inefficient and slower than a fleet of war ships. Oh it takes some new tech and many many credits to build. Yet a fleet of star destroyers could easily accomplish in essence what a death star could for far cheaper. Also an asteroid field is cool and all, but thousands of years later a decimated intact planet that can't support life is a more tell tale sign of utter annhiliation while also carving yourself into history. Someone could come along years after the tales have become fantasy and find an asteroid field and assume anything… a glassed planet is a glassed planet

  14. bullshit. he likes to fight, the death star will stop him from doing that, besides vader are not mental insecure, and did never dream of total destruction.
    When have one of those generals ever been right, they are more stupid than the original clone troopers. shitposting videos at its finest.

  15. In the novel Tarkin, there’s an exchange between Palpatine and Vader where The Emperor informs him that the Death Star is in fact meant to replace Vader as the primary enforcer. This is so that he and Vader can focus on advancing The Sith as opposed to being constantly embroiled in Imperial matters.

    Tarkin can think what he wants, but Vader was not worried about being replaced. He simply had real (and ultimately accurate) reservations about the Death Star being able to meet its design intent.

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