Delhi: Mystery on 11 deaths deepens, Police hints at ‘spiritual, mystical practices’ by whole family

Ten bodies were found hanging and blindfolded, while a 77-year-old woman’s body was found on the floor. Two of the deceased are minors, police said.

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  1. Ye jo naya topic h dharmic notes..nd all ye sab missguide krne k liye h..baat kch or h..or ye saaf saff murder h

  2. Marne k baad bc konse kaam asan ho jate h . Ye murder h 1-2 logo ki baat alag h pr 11log ek sth suicide thodi kr skte h

  3. दिल्ली मध्ये सगळे येड झवे भरले आहेत।।

  4. Itne Ameer log suside nahi karege ye hetyahahi hai bahut galat hua hai ye hettiya kar ke dairy chod gaye hai sabko pagal bananeke leeye

  5. nomsense…thought…khudki jindegi khatam to karliye..uske saath apno ko sare life ke dukh deke chalegaye..tum logoko to peda hi nhi hona chahietha

  6. bc register toh koi bhi rakh dega, kya chutiyapa kar rhi hai police
    11 log mare hain phir bhi thulle investigate nahi karenge

  7. India is full of superstitious people. Tantrik ke kuch batein sahi ho gayi hogi jise sara pariwar use bhagwan manta hoga. Usne bola hog tum sab marne walo ho better hai sucide kar ke moch prapt kar lo.

  8. maybe they were tranquilized and then hanged afterwards by murderers because if it happened at night atleast people might have heard some commotion or noise as suicide is no game no matter how superstitious you are and given the range among the age of people died ,it's quite impossible for everyone to understand meaning of the pact from same viewpoint or atleast those young would have left some trail behind.

  9. This is all bullshit that they all commit suicide because 11people cannot agree upon the same thing in the same sense it's a murder clear cut but who killed is a challenge for our phuddu police and ok CBI to find out so it's all fake spiritual etc.

  10. It's definitely not a murder….It's something their religious belief or something….This is a very strange incident…..Main superstitions mein believe nahi karta…. lekin kabhi ignore bhi nahi karta… this may be one of those incidents.

  11. Agar moksha ke liye kiya hai to acha hua.. sab ek saath hi chale gaye koi ek bhi bachta agar to poor zindagi dukhi rehta apno ko yaad karta rehta …But agar ye murder hua to???

  12. I think this is a planned murder. Register main notes bhi murderer ne hi likhen honge taki police wale or log isko suicide samjhein .

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