Demi Lovato Admits Bisexuality?

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Alrighty then – that was a peek at the gorgeously talented Demi Lovato on Alan Carr’s show the Chatty Man – where she also dropped some MAJOR hints about her sexuality.
– Demi was on the show to promote her album Confident and when Alan started quizzing her about the sexy lyrics things took an interesting turn.
Alan – who FYI –I’m totally obsessed with (he’s so funny) – well, Alan read the lyrics to Demi’s “Cool For the Summer” and then he said this:
And then Demi responded saying this:
So there you have it – Demi is not denying that she’s experimented in the past – and we all know she is very, very happy with her longtime love Wilmer Valderrama. But about those headlines referring to Demi as “bisexual” – it’s important to point out that she didn’t say that herself in the interview. She purely talked about experimenting, and that’s that. She later performed “Cool For the Summer” on the show and she killed it, but I mean, what’s new – this girl is crazy-talented. Anyways you guys hit the comments section to let us know what you think of this latest interview and then click here to see us break down Demi’s rise to fame moment by moment. I’m your girl Joslyn Davis – thanks for watching and I see you later!

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  1. Now that Demi and Wilmer have split although it makes me sad I kinda wanna c her with a girl publicly and she did go more in depth about her sexuality in these recent interviews with Nick either way I will be happy for her but I kinda just I think it would be super cute x

  2. she is bisexual because she sead i am little course two in cool for the summer the video was lgbt but she made a song about a boy two so she must be bisexual

  3. Demi Lovato is a transgendered Man. So is Britney, Beyonce, Lady Gaga etc. There are certain clues that will confirm this fact if you know what to look for.

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