Demi Lovato Gets A New Girlfriend?! (Rumor Patrol)

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Is Demi moving on from Wilmer and her MMA-fighting ex with a new love in her life?! We’re getting to the bottom of it, right here on Rumor Patrol!

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  1. Okay, honestly. Demi is just the epitome of perfection; her music is touching, she has raw and beautiful talent and such a POWERHOUSE voice! She can date whoever she wants, be whatever she wants, and however she wants.
    Demi slays, Demi does and Demi is DEMI.

    Lovatics ftw!!

  2. who isn't a lesbian these days? if you don't go both ways then ur either a Les or gay. it's the new thing.

  3. Demi with A girl Would Be the Best Thing Ever Yasss.This Girl Louren Is Fine As Hell.I Need This to be true yass.I mean I walk down the halls holding my best friend Kenzi's hand fingers interlocking.But I dont grab her ass i mean im not cause she is like my sister.She is my sister and if I love someone as a sister and she is a female friend and I dont see her or like her as more because I am bisexual I wont touch her ass or like that.Now sometimes we play the nervous game just to goof off and i dont get nervous at all if your touchin by boobs lol or my ass.But downsatirs is off limits.Me and my main best friends are like tuchy touchy and we have no boundaries.We go to the bathrooms together wr change in front of each other.But If anyone is caught tochin their friends ass like demi was there has got to be something more than friendship.Its the truth I feel like this could possibly be true.Its A Maby.If it I would love Demi with A girl.But if its not its not.

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