Did Dooku Regret Injuring Anakin on Geonosis Knowing Sidious’s Plan?

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The Non-Canon Expert explains whether Dooku regretted injuring Anakin Skywalker during their duel on Geonosis, either immediately following the duel or after, given Dooku’s awareness that his Master Darth Sidious wanted to eventually bring the Jedi on the side of the Sith and dark side?

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Written by frances

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  1. Christopher Lee was a great actor shame Count Dooku didn't have more screen time, he's one of the few good things about the prequels imo.

  2. I'm curious what dooku would've done if Anakin spared him.
    Would've he learn to fight with lightsaber held between his toes?

  3. lol he disliked him because of one arm, imagine if he saw him after he was put in a suit with no arms or legs ahhahaha

  4. I mean cutting off his arm would teach Anakin pain one part of the dark side and plant the seeds of hatred in him another part of the dark side so it helps on that level

  5. Honestly, Palpatine was probably secretly thrilled that Dooku cut ocf Anakin's arm. It furthered Anakin's struggle with dealing with loss and gave him reason for revenge. Palpatine even says as much after the beheading. "He cut off your arm, you wanted revenge." For Anakin it would serve as a permanent reminder that he was inadequate and a source of frustration and anger. Tools to help turn him to the dark side.

  6. How much do you think Anakin's fighting style has changed from gaining a prosthetic arm? Would it have been drastically different from if he kept his original one?

  7. Why would Dooku regret that, or why would Palpatine be angry about it? For Dooku, he's a rival to be eliminated. From Palpatine's point of view, if Anakin is injured or killed, it means he was weak, therefore he has no use of him.

  8. Dear Star Wars Reading Club,
    Have you ever done a review of Battlefront: Twilight Company? I would love to see your thoughts on that novel.

  9. Through this whole video I was thinking "Of course Dooku wasn't punished or felt remorseful for taking off Anakin's arm – that loss was one of the tools Palpatine needed to turn Anakin to the dark side." We see this after Anakin beheads Dooku on the Invisible Hand when Palpatine reminds Anakin that it was "only natural, he cut off your arm – you wanted revenge". Getting Anakin accustomed to anger and vengeful thoughts could only be achieved by loss and pain – any pain that Anakin survived had the power to help turn him to the Dark Side.

  10. I would think not since if dooku cut off his arm that would lead him to hating dooku and you know the whole the path to the dark side speech

  11. Love the videos hence why I got the little bell clicked down but a little constructive criticism try not to sound so monotone when reading. Just a suggestion otherwise keep up the good work! I always look forward to the distraction from work..haha.. ?

  12. Poor count Dooku. A great character done so wrong in the movie, but gotten so right in legends. You really feel for the guy and actually come to an understanding as to why he makes his choices, aside from his disposition of being a rather honorable sith

  13. i think his exhasporated expression was his fatigue? he was tired after exerting himself and he was adjusting back from his force assisted physical augmentation in the fight.

  14. I have always interpreted Dooku's facial expression immediately after cutting Anakin's arm off as that of fatigue, and maybe a little bit of fear because he didn't expect a "mere padawan" to be so difficult to defeat. To me, it looked like it took everything he had to put Anakin down.

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