Did Ripple David Schwartz Create XRP And Bitcoin. Ripple/Bitcoin Conspiracy.

Ripple New CTO David Schwartz sits down with Asheesh Birla to discuss responsibilities of his new role as ripple’s Chief Technology Officer. Eight years of blockchain , new emerging technology and bitcoin.

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  1. I started to think David Shwartz was Satoshi Nakamoto… He put in decentralized patents years ago.

  2. Is he capable of being satoshi? I think so. Do I think he is? No. The early patents raise my eye brow. As an XRP holder, if he proved to be, can you imagine the quakes in crypto? I'm not that lucky.

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  4. Did Ripple David Schwartz Create XRP and Bitcoin? Answer: No, he created XRP/NIPPLE and CLP/CLAMP never a dull moment. I'm speculating.

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