Did The Last Jedi Trailer Reveal Rey’s Connection with Snoke? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Thanks to some language savvy Star Wars fans, could the international Last Jedi trailer give away more than we think? Jessica does some translating (WITH SPOILERS) on today’s Nerdist News! DISCLAIMER: The subtitles are in Traditional Chinese, which is not exclusively Taiwanese. Sorry!

Do you think the translations are legit? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Snoke = Luke's dark side copy created by the balancing of the Force. Remember the "Dark Side Cave" from the Empire Strikes Cave…

  2. I just heard of a theory where Rey might be a Palpatine. After all the discussion, I tend to believe it.

    I’ve been thinking that both force using characters will switch sides from the beginning, so that also supports that view.

    It may sound crazy, but I like it.

    December will tell.

  3. Untrained but more powerful than she knows – Kylo to Snoke. How does he know what she is capable of outside of resisting him ? She could just be good at resisting. An ocean, I see it. I see the island. That's where Rey came from. But she can't remember so much "green in the galaxy". Those lines tells us who Rey is. Someone smarter than me will figure it out.

  4. Ray will become darker and Ren lighter. Its all about the Balance.
    Jedi order precisely forbad anything that asociates whit the Dark and thats why they were destoryed.Darth Sidious was correct when he said to Anakin that one must study all aspects of the force and not just the dogmatic view of the Jedi.
    The Concept of the Gray Jedi.Luke also no longer considers himself a Jedi.For a true force user balance is everything.Intelectualy.Spiritualy.Moraly.Emotionaly…But if succesful only then can a force user be One whit the Force.
    Ray and Ren together will both wrestle whit the concept. Emotions and faith. But only so can they beat Snoke.
    Srry for revealing to much

  5. Man, if they put another "I am your father" in there then they actually made the original trilogy… again -.-

    Try something new! Dump the whole political thing and focus on the jedi/ sith. If we want to watch politics we would watch the news, if we would watch science fiction politics we would have enouth stuff on that… but people with light sabers and the force are amazing. Maybe do a Sith movie. How about Bane? Please?

  6. Why would Snoke drop Rey on Jakku when he could have just trained her when she was young which would have made her loyal to his cause? It would been easier than trying to change her mind later on her own morality. The point is, that would be a stop direction to take the Rey story because it doesn't make sense.

  7. still don't think rey is going to go darkside (she may have darkside orgins but she will remain light/grey) only bc you have to remember that star wars doesn't exist in a vacuum. sure, it'd be fine as a narrative, but you have to look at the context. rey is the first main female star wars protagonist (yeah, i know leia and padme exist but in the respective original and prequel triologies, they were little more then damsels in distress and romantic subplots, lets be honest here). if rey goes darkside, disney would get so much criticism from girls who really looked up to rey as a hero. i'm not opposed to the good character gone bad story, but i think it would be too similar to anakin's arc in the prequels and it would be a marketing failure for disney

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