[Discussion] Pokemon XY&Z Greninja, Noivern, Zygarde!!!



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Written by frances

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  1. I watched xyz anime 1-4 , the 4th wasn't even in English subs its so new, the 4th episode darkrai put everyone into nightmares whilst they rested and meowth , Pikachu went on a lil journey with the other pokemon and all evolved to final forms in a deam and saw what zygarde coreĀ  "squidgy" actually is, so they gang of protagonists all know, also nurse joy mega evolved her audino and beat up team rocket , and some other team flare battles trying to catch zygarde, and bonnie catches zygarde core, its been nicknamed "squidgy" in the Japanese anime, the team flare are all up in the anime right now, it looks epic, icanot wait for the episode 4 and onwards English subs , even braxien evolved and pancham in darkraias dreams in episode 4 lol

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