Disney Fired Original Star Wars Episode 9 Director For This Reason (Star Wars News)

Lets go over star wars episode 9 when it comes to some star wars news involving the original director Colin Trevorrow, who was eventually fired/let go for creative differences eventually being replaced by jj abrams as director. With star wars the last jedi directed by rian johnson and jj returning from the force awakens, the creative differences apparently had to do with elements from star wars the last jedi.



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  1. If they bring Luke back as a force ghost and explore the ghost realm and stuff that'd be cool. Also haunt Kylo.

  2. You know the sad thing is that even if Episode ix was going to somehow be good and better than The Force Awakens my interest in it has been completely shattered.

  3. Disney had their story, he didn't want to do their story so D said F-U Bye-Bye! So what's the problem. You're going to direct any movie for any major Studio and try to change their story and tell them they're doing it wrong you're not going to last very long in the business. Did it for solo also I don't see anybody crying about fixing what was going to be a disastrous comedy.

  4. Episode 9 is going to be another joke,in boycotting star wars till they fire everybody including that SJW botch Kathleen

  5. luke's storyline in 8 was great if you think about luke's character in general not just whether he lives or dies right after he just gets introduced again.. i'm glad kennedy has the lady balls to do something brave like that. im glad rian johnson had a vision and that he got it through. i guess it's uncool to like the last jedi nowadays but heck i did love it

  6. Wow. If this is true, Ep. 9 would have been great. TLJ was a fun movie on first viewing but had me thinking how I wish it was different. I hope Star Wars gets fixed and soon.

  7. Apparently that was a really dumb decision by Kennedy and Johnson because besides the Holdo BS and Canto Bight Luke and Snoke dying was fans biggest problem with the movie

  8. It sounds like Colin might have made one of the best SW movies. Instead KKennedy and RJohnson made the worst and effed up everything.

  9. Typical. Fire the man with a plan and can get things done so you can hire a pathetic"yes ma'am" bitch.

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