Disney May Fire Kathleen Kennedy Soon & More! (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news when it comes to Kathleen Kennedy and Disney Star Wars. Ever since the release of star wars the last jedi by director rian johnson and the solo a star wars story box office results, many star wars fans have wanted to see what direction star wars would take if somebody else was head of lucasfilm, according to Grace randolph kathleen kennedy’s time may soon come to a close over at lucasfilm by disney’s bob iger. With star wars episode 9 and the new star wars trilogy in the works it will be interesting to see how everything goes.



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  1. Two ways to show Disney how they have wrecked Star Wars!
    1) Pocket book! Don't buy merchandise, Don't go to the movies, don't buy Bluerays/DVD's or download.
    2) let your voices be heard at Star Wars celebration if you go! any Disney execs i.e: Kathleen Kennedy; Pablo Hidalgo any of those higher-ups! they need to hear our voices on how Star Wars is garbage now! Also another way is to not show up! Low attendance equals no excitement! No excitement equals no money!

  2. So fans got rid of Lucas, now they got rid of Kennedy. Filoni would be next. That's seem to be all they're good for.

  3. Why would any professional want to take this job with drooling fanboys and girls screaming in their faces about their childhoods?

  4. I'll believe it when its officially announced that KK is retiring in September and Little Round Head has been let go. Until then, its just words.

  5. No one wants Kathleen's job? Man I'll do it! I would kick ass. Problem is, no one else knows this 🙁 Anyway, down with SJW Star Wars. TLJ was just awful.

  6. Makes sense!.. finally this bitch might be goin bye bye!! Their putting everything on hold to get her to resign and give them time to rearrange things.

  7. Cool.
    I hope KK don't go screwing with Indiana Jones once she experance the true power of the dark side.
    Good job.

  8. Iger does not need to want anything, he can fire her ass at his leisure. Diseny's board should probably consider suing Kennedy for the destruction of the Star Wars IP's value which looked intentional.

  9. Have a business partner? What the fuck do you know? Let me tell you, it’s no fun to have a business partner and run every decision through them. What business have you ever run? Do you have a single credential in business or finance? I’m gonna take a wild guess, none. I think these movies are great, and you’re not gonna see any “shift” bonehead

  10. kathleen wisely made the situation so bad that nobody wanna fix her mess killing all potential competitors

  11. Rian Johnson ruined starwars like I thought he would and it’s Kathleen Kennedy’s fault for letting it happen. That’s what happens when you deviate from clearly what has always worked in the starwars saga. Killing the past is the worst decision ever. This last trilogy was suppose to be the last of the original starwars saga to make way for new and exciting posibilities to come. Not to kill it all off in one fierce militia just to be different. I didn’t mind Han dying in TFA but you could’ve waited for episode IX to have Luke die and have episode VIII as his story to bring back the magic of the saga. Big time opportunity to do something special for all starwars fans and the ball was dropped on our heads.

  12. I was very young when star wars opened in 1977. I have been a die hard fan since then. Everyone blames Kennedy and I do a little as well but as far as the division goes it started way back with the prequels. Sure there were a couple elements that were less loved but a lot of fans criticized them so much that you forced George Lucas to hand everything over to Kennedy. I truly loved star wars and feel as angry as most with the disappointment of TLJ. I left the theatre without a comment. I wasn't sure how to feel at first. I agree that Dave Filoni would be great as far as the overall creative boss goes. He understands star wars and storytelling and be able to keep continuity. I don't want to see anymore back stories on characters. That's a waste of time. I don't know why anyone wants to watch Obi-Wan wander Tatooine for 2 hours watching over Luke! Why don't they do more movies like Rogue One? That came from the opening scroll and I thought it was great! There were so many other little drops like that that would make for great movies even trilogies. Like how did the Sith go extinct as the Jedi Council had believed or what about the full-scale war that gave birth to the Republic. So much great material out there and all anyone can think of is what was obi-wan doing during his time on Tatooine?

  13. Please let this be ture. If it does I will cheer loudly and I will play the ewok celebration song! Replace her with Dave Filoni not J.J.
    If Kathleen goes on stage and says "I'm leaving Lucasflims" the entire room will go nuts.

  14. Disney needs to delete everything that woman has had a hand in, refund George and let him have it again, reinstate the EU as canon and leave it there.

  15. Star Wars celebration will have to start hiring actors to act like the "hardcore" fans who dressed up, Dont think youll find as much enthusiasm at the next event.

  16. Dave Filoni? are you serious? helicopter sabers? cmon… I like rebels and clone wars but not all of his creative ideas like that…

  17. Look at that goddamn retarded cunt face… durr durr dirt social wwwww ah wah justice but but durr my name is Kk

  18. The ONLY thing that remotely makes me want to see a star wars film (or anything SW) is Kenobi… and that is ONLY if it's a theatrical release. Disney makes it part of the streaming service and I have zero interest. I will not even consider wasting my money on IX unless KK and Rian Johnson are both gone and they replace JJ as he only did a passable movie that left both the antagonist and protagonist as barely interesting or plain bad characters. Then the way he acted towards fans after VIII…. don't care to see anything he makes! Plus he's only good at setting things up and has no follow through.

  19. Kennedy has taken her own social agendas and brought them into a creative space where they do not belong…it’s so sad that this was allowed to carry on…. they gotta shape up at Lucas or ship out !!

  20. Weird that they would move Obiwan to the streaming service? If they get Ewan and a GOOD writer, it would be the blockbuster of all summers. What do we fans know though right?

  21. Put George Lucas back after Ron Howard & Rian Johnson sucked it for Star Wars Episode 9 – Return of Ben Solo.

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