Disney RESPONDS to Stopping ALL Spin-Off Movies – Star Wars Explained

In recent events, Disney was rumoured to pause the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, and while this may be true, they have gone to ABC News (which they own) to say that they haven’t paused anything due to the low box office of Solo: a Star Wars Story. They confirm that many Star Wars movies are still in production behind the scenes, many which haven’t been announced as of yet.
The internet went to say that they are stopping the Obi-Wan movie to punish fans for boycotting Solo, which just isn’t true. If any pause is happening, it’s to make sure they focus on episode 9 full force, to complete the Skywalker saga. I’m all for that. We can wait for any anthology films, so long as everything is done withe the utmost of care, which I’m sure it will!

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  1. Sorry to jump on a tired meme – but I'm inspired by one of your T-shirts: Obi Wan's "High Ground" is actually a very powerful lightsaber crystal, it makes the beam very precise and "fast", allowing even for multiple amputations almost at once.

  2. "it's moreso due to them needing more of a focal effort on Episode 9 to finish the Skywalker saga with a bang."
    What Skywalker saga? There is no Skywalkers. Rian butchered last one.

  3. "shouldnt have happened" What? Its exactly what should (and did) happen when a SW film comes out after the utter garbage that was TLJ. I didnt see Solo because TLJ made me really hate Disney and what they have done to SW

  4. I am not as optimistic as you are. I dont believe it is going to get better from now on. I mean look at the direction Star-Wars is already deep in. At the end of the day, they cant undo what they have done, and we will still have shit politicied writting from bad realisator like Jonson or the hag that made solo.

  5. I dont trust Disney at all. They definitely dislime George lucas and the fans. They dont care whether we like the new direvtion or not….they are enjoying this disrespectful treatment they continuosly display toward the fans and the OT characters. Disney Media lies and has been lying for the past decade. Boycott remains. episode 9 will flop. noone is buying the BS thatt disney lucasfilm is spewing. they can take their lies to people who are desparate enough to believe them. Kathleen is going nowhere. Disney shares her views. Dont fall for Disney media lies.

  6. If they would focus on a story fitting into canon, well written characters, and stop injecting our own social issues into a fantasy world they might actually get some praise.

  7. TLJ is one of my favorite Star Wars movies of all time, however, I understand that, for some people, it was not their cup of tea. Solo is actually a really good movie and all I can do is encourage anyone who is boycotting the film to watch it if they get the chance.

  8. Obi wan with Macgregor was my last hope for a last great jedi movie, now all have been lost. Disney cannot handle starwars universe… Mac gregor made a fantastic as a jedi on prequels

  9. "We can wait for any anthology films, so long as everything is done withe the utmost of care, which I'm sure it will!" <-This is the end of your description of the video. Please, can you tell me how Disney is going to spontaneously begin respecting Lucas' creation, including the characters when they've pretty much done the exact opposite this whole time?

    When Mark Hamill himself says "I fundamentally disagree with virtually every decision you've made about the character (Luke)" to Rian with regard to TLJ, how can we seriously believe Disney is respecting the characters, the vision, and ultimately the creation of Lucas? The only person who knows Luke close to as well as Lucas is Hamill – he did bring him to life, after all. If he calls Luke unfaithful to the vision, his view carries extreme clout. Heck, I felt the exact same way when seeing the doppleganger "Luke " (because the REAL Luke wasn't even in the movie) as Rian/Disney presented the caricature to us.

    Disney has turned the most beloved cinematic saga of all time into a SJW, virtue signalling, leftist-politicized platform, urinating on the fandom all the while, and sanctimonious insulting us all while, calling us hatemongers, bigots, and dropping even the Goodwin argument onto us; it's ridiculously absurd. Solo failed because they lost a significant amount of fan support; it's their fault for their crap, not ours for us calling crap what it is – crap (which has absolutely nothing to do with politics; it's crap on it's own merit).

  10. after reading your discription for the video, why would you be happy to watch the last of a shit trilogy. abrams started this shit fest and he is finishing this shit fest. he cant salvage it. props to you if you find these films good but all they are, are smoke and mirror to distract you from the terrible plot.

  11. Fuck Disney… I hope every Star Wars movie released under their banner continues to tank until the entire franchise is sold to a concern that actually understands what Star Wars fans really want.
    When it's all said and done, even Lucas lost touch with what the fans wanted. Obliterate Disney Wars from canon, restore the literary canon back to its rightful place and redo the third trilogy in a manner that honors the books and story lines that made people love the Star Wars Universe.

  12. All that's left for me now in star wars is the Obi Wan movie with Ewan Mcgregor in the role. Anybody else plays it…. That's it for me with star wars. Solo has left me holding on with my finger tips now

  13. Disney "punishing" fans by not making those movies? That's like someone feeding you dog shit and then "punishing" you by not giving you another helping.

  14. Wait, Rian Johnson is directing ANOTHER starwars movie? Did they not learn? Did he not learn? Fam? Last Jedi was fucking AWFUL. Solo was actually pretty good~

  15. When George Lucas filmed the first Star Wars movie, he expected it to be a flop at the box office. When Rian Johnson filmed the Last Jedi and Han Solo, he expected them to be major hits. History shows that the opposite was true for both cases.

  16. Honestly, i don't care about that Obi-Wan Movie at all, and i don't see why everyone wants to see that, it's a story that was already told a hundred times by both Canon and Legends, it would add nothing, and in the worst case, it could be a bad movie given how there is no creativity behind the idea.

  17. I think they won't put them on hold but maybe putting my time and thought into each movie it feels like too much is rushed and ive started to lack appreciation its nice not having to wait till ? But I think if it had more time and was under a review longer we would get very different movies

  18. I can't see Disney beeing smart on Star Wars subject. It seems it is growing dumber at each step. Listening to the fandom seems smarter than any other measure they can take.

  19. obi wan film on hold…and the excuse is: "we'll focus on episodie 9" yeah im done with star wars

  20. Solo was good. F*** the spoiled fans that are hating on it. Those people are the definition of f**king geeks. No they will never match the greatness of the first trilogy. Get over it. Be happy they're still putting out films. Stop being little bitches.

  21. "Lucasfilm and Disney are smart…" LMFAO. Do you honestly believe that? What kind of smart business hates their fans, and actually tells them. "Our fans are telling us the plot and characters suck, but uh, we're just going to call them all sexist racist bigots, and tell them fandom isn't worth saving because they're all such bad people." You would think they were intentionally trying to destroy the franchise, if it weren't for the multiple theme park additions being constructed.

  22. Rose Tico BETTER NOT be in IX. For the love of all things Star Wars I hope to god they leave her out of it!!!

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