Disney Star Wars Making Big Changes Episode 9 & More (Star Wars News)

Lets go over some star wars news involving star wars episode 9 and disney and their plan for the future of the franchise since we heard about the news of the obi wan kenobi movie and the boba fett movie. JJ Abrams begins filming the movie soon which brings a return for characters kylo ren and rey, however disney and lucasfilm will be taking a new approach with star wars episode 9 in how its made and how its marketed.



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  2. There is no way to save episode 9. Financially it may very well be a success simply because of it's name, but how does anyone make a coherent trilogy out of two completely disconnected movies. If JJ can somehow tie all 9 moves together, like he said he will, and make a good movie in the process then he will gain some major respect from me and many others.

    Just to throw it out there I will never watch a movie involving RJ again. If his trilogy does happen then I will fill my Star Wars void with whatever Dave Filoni is working on. Thank the maker we still have Filoni.

  3. How to save Star wars:
    Fire Kathleen Kenndey replace her with Dave Filoni
    Cancel Ruin's Trilogy
    Bring back Luke Skywalker alive and make a scene with Luke that tops that Vader scene in Rouge One
    Anakin and Obi Wan Force ghost
    And lastly LISTEN to the fans!

  4. They want to get fans back….well maybe they better give us tickets to DisneyLand or DisneyWorld with every ticket sold for episode 9. I have no reason to go see it otherwise.

  5. We as the fans who make disney all there $ shouldn't sound desperate!!, they better make a huge announcement and ask us what we want! Or else they are going down in flames…. forever

  6. Really don't know how they're going to fix this shit sandwich they created with just one more movie. Definitely not going to watch it if K.K. is still helming the studio with all of her SJW feminist yes maam writers!

  7. At this point we now very little of what will happen in EP IX so I am thinking of an early synopsis or something simular that will give us a broad picture of what is going on with the galaxy between TLJ and EP IX followed by a first Teaser Trailer or Behind the Scenes photage trailer in december this year. Its hard to get the discussion going with so little info about whats going on story wise, right?Another thing I would love is if they would give us little five minutes (or so) short storys thats put us up to speed with whats going on in the universe between TLJ and EP IX. Like a mini tv series of things thats relevated to build up of that "all out war" or even some storys around the gap between ROTJ and TFA. These mini series does not have to be fancy action scenes but could be more of a "Walk and talk" scenes thats about whats leading up to EP IX. Johan.

  8. Star Wars needs greater quality control.
    – No Kathleen Kennedy
    – No Rian Johnson
    The boycott continues,..

  9. Everybody is saying that Rian Johnson ruined Luke's character but if heroes don't have defaults and moments of despair how can they even be heroes ? I actually accept this fact because I am also human and so I can identity myself to Luke even more better… What "true" fans of Star Wars forgot is that Star Wars is all about love , failure and redemption… 3 universal themes that sill exist through ages and societies. I like the new trilogy and the new characters and the fact that nobody is not only black or white is new. Star Wars was to manichean in its concept and needs to evoluate and I would personnally like to see a new generation of Force users that wouldn't be Jedis or Siths.

  10. I hope the BIG change is that they will not follow the format of the movie taking place over the course of a few days. Maybe they skip around and if necessary show what took place before Episode 1. By doing so, they may be able to explain Snoke, Rey's actual parents (junkers or not). This would allow them to fix some of the mistakes of The Last Jedi.

  11. The Boycott will destroy Disney and they will sell on the franchise , hopefully to a studio who will remake 7 , 8 and 9. The damage is done and it cannot be undone. KK , JJ and RJ will forever be remembered as the dicks who ruined SW!

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