Disney & The Future Of Star Wars After Star Wars Episode 9 (Star Wars News)

Today we go over the future of star wars after star wars episode 9 that will all take place on their upcoming streaming service debuting in 2019!. It shall be exciting to see exactly what disney and lucasfilm will introduce to this franchise!. Currently the next film to arrive is solo a star wars story! than star wars episode 9, than the much awaited star wars 2020 reportedly the obi wan kenobi movie.



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  1. Quality over quantity is my opinion. As badly as Disney wanted this fan base to exploit with merchandise and services they don't seem very interested in keeping the fans happy with quality content. Johnson still working on a trilogy is more than enough proof of that.

  2. I am betting the plans for a Rian Johnson trilogy get scrapped at some point. Seems crazy for Disney to double down on him in light of all the fan backlash.

  3. Not digging the possibility of live action series currently, but I am stoked we are getting more SW material than ever these days! I just hope the awesomeness of SW doesn’t get tarnished and overworked 😬

  4. As a long time fan of SW since 1980 all this content is a dream. After the OT ended I always questioned why Lucas sat on this goldmine for decades and never made any spin offs like Rogue One. We finally get all this content, but now Lucas is no longer telling or writing these great stories. At least SW Rebels with Dave Filoni & Rogue One still retain that some of that magic I remember.

  5. I’m only looking forward to finishing seeing The Sequel Trilogy and I am looking forward for The NEXT Series Of Star Wars Movies and hoping for 10-12 Episodes IF they’re would be called “Chapters 1-3” for the 4th Trilogy not being associated with The Skywalker Saga and I am very blessed that 3rilogy I am pumped for And I am not backing away from Star Wars. Ever. As long as the series of films coming up and I don’t feel like teaming up as a hater for this because 10-12 I have been waiting for how long just had me hungry for the later Trilogy. But not for the streaming service I cannot pay because of my atm $ I’m no streaming fan for those at all anyway

  6. Wooow to infinity and about a Luke Skywaker anthology starring Mark Hammil and with Sebastian Stan kind of like the indinana Jones Chronicles??come on!

  7. Dave Filoni should have filmed "STAR WARS VII, VIII or IX". Lucas Film sold out and never worked in house. Poor directors choice from Disney & Lucas films.

  8. Hi Mike. I was in work today and asked a friend of mine if he was going to see the solo movie. after a short exhange it ended with someone else chipping in that "Star wars was dead " and my friend replied that they were " right and star wars is dead!" was it my fault should I have kept my mouth shut? I've seen hate on the net for it but I was a bit stunned. These disney films are better than the prequels? aren't they? I am fed up with so much bile! fans didn't like FA as it was a retread of ANH and now they they hate TLJ cos it different. I'm starting to really hate these fan boys. help me mike zeroh! your my only hope.

  9. WHY can't they just do a trilogy with the new characters we have now??? I'd rather see a Kylo Ren standalone movie at this point.

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