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Custom Star Wars LEGO Geonosis Arena set:

What is YOUR favorite LEGO Star Wars JEDI MINIFIGURE?

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Q: What was your first LEGO set?
A: The 7119 Twin-Pod Cloud Car.

Q: How long have you been collecting LEGO?
A: I have been collecting LEGO (Mostly Star Wars) since about 2002!

Q: What is your favorite LEGO set?
A: My favorite LEGO set it the LEGO Star Wars 10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle!

Q: How old are you?
A: 20. (As of 2017)

Q: Where do you live?
A: Florida

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    Don’t forget to ask a question you want answered!

  2. what do you mean i know you're lying if you say the phantom menace is your favorite star wars movie me and all my friends love the phantom menace and i personally think it is my favorite

  3. My favourite star wars fig is the special lego dictionary luke whitch featured him in his award clothes from episode 4

  4. They should make some more episode 2 setsI would like a droid factory, geonosis arena, boba fett slave 1, Tuscan camp, bounty hunter pursuit, kamino platform and geonosis camand room

  5. Lepin is good mate, fair it’s not original LEGO however it’s 1/5th the price, I live in china and it’s everywhere here, it is very comparable in connectivity and strength, colour and quality, so why is there an issue

  6. The Phantom Menace is actually my favorite of the saga. Childhood and not buying into the basic opinion of the masses opens you up to so much more enjoyment

  7. Love your videos, but dude everyone's views on the movies are completely subjective – so don't berate somebody if they happen to like films such as The Phantom Menace, its just not necessary.

  8. No joke I love the phantom menace because it the first Star wars movie I saw and I love quigon jin sorry for wrong spelling

  9. I hear Lego is done making normal Tie Fighters after this Han Solo movie? What is your opinion about them dis-continuing them?

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