Does TA Even Work? Bitcoin Hanging On, India Banks, Working With Regulators, Next Week – Ep177

Today it is becoming clear that we are at a critical juncture for Bitcoin – can it push through the FUD or do we need one final dump before we turn bullish?


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Written by frances

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  1. Verge and TRON are proof that primal greed still takes precedence over logic, reason, and fundamentals in crypto… … until the cakewalk music stops.

  2. Hi there, TA is largely a slew of false narratives and misinformation pushed out by educators who are in collusion with their business partners (brokers / financial institutions) to distract / mislead the crowd into making losing trades. When they do work, it is due to the self-fulfilling prophecy. I have been working in a propriety trading firm for over 5 years now and am very certain that we haven't been using TA at all to make money. Have a great day ahead, cheers

  3. You said 20 week MA, man.It's daily. TA is all curve fitting and some self-fulfilling prophecy.There's always a moving average or trendline or fib that will match the price action. It's driving using the rear view mirror.50/50 at best in most time frames

  4. Sorry to hear about your headache Carter. Try Tylenol Ultra (red pills) off the shelf because it contains caffeine also which helps get rid of migraines.

  5. try to address you headache with nutrition; check out "How Not to Die"; also see your doctor, a neurologist and maybe even a psychiatrist; there are good reasons to address the issue; possibly your sugar intake is to blame, and a lack of micronutrients

  6. Ta definately works. It certainly give you the information to make informed judgements on where the price action is most likely to head. in before the trolls who say it could go up or down

  7. Majority of your followers do not know a thing about technical analysis and will not take the time to learn. They are all down money. Angry. They follow Parabolic Trav and only look at bullish charts.

  8. As a fan of your content due to your prudent approach in trading crypto, I enjoy your continued analysis of the market as usual. However, I have to say I am disappointed by your brushing aside what is happening to Verge after mentioning it briefly in this video. I feel you should be talking about it just like you did with Centra considering what is happening to Verge. From its current network hack, lack of developer response to this, and the following pump. I am afraid this is pointing more and more towards the extreme immaturity of this market and its current highly speculative nature. More immature and speculative than I had previously imagined, in fact. I know you like to keep your video upbeat and positive, but I think you would want to inform your viewers also about the danger in this kind of situation as well. Thanks.

  9. have a look at dent, they will soon have a platform on there app where you can buy crypto with left over mobile data, cutting out banks

  10. My SP500 technical analysis throws that we just finished a corrective pattern ABC. Now, the next leg up could be two kind of waves: one, the first A of another corrective pattern ABC; two, the first impulse of a new upside trend. The shape of this new wave will tell but if prices decides to move towards another corrective ABC pattern. Just have in mind that two ABC patterns in a row constitutes a very clear reversal pattern. That would mean that the upside tendence is dead and we have a downside tendence right in front of us.

    At this moment I would not be too optimistic neither too pessimistic. As Carter frequently says, "it is what it is". My personal long term analysis does not give me a clear clue yet, as the shape of the last long term uptrend is kind of confusing. It looks that it lacks one more impulsive wave to the upside, but it is not so clear. So we will see in the future. In the meantime it is very useful to learn Ralph Elliot wave theory. I think it really works in crowded markets. Not advise. Just my opinion.

    If you can speak or read Spanish -that's my native language, there are a bunch of books really good by Enrique Santos and José Luis Cava. I guess there might be very good Elliot wave authors in English too but I haven't read them (Enrique Santos has his books translated into English in PDF format, but I read the Spanish version).

  11. I appreciate you highlighting all of the worthless information out there – I consider 90% of the crap on Twitter as falling into the worthless category, especially all of the ego centered meme and GIF drivel that people seem to be so enthused with. Thanks for your continued dedication to educate the community with USEFUL and balanced macro and micro analysis.

  12. Fundamentals first, then technical analysis of strong coins.
    The trader who can make more coins in a bear market will always know how to grow his stash even on a rainy day!

  13. CNBC is always saying everything is ok, I think you have it backwards Carter. Only the PM community and the "tinfoil hat" guys think it is going to tank. I speak to people every day and they think there is nothing going on, which is exactly how mainstream likes it.

  14. Just awful can’t watch. 6 min in ugh the only thing I’ve learned over the last 3mos as a subscriber is that I should start my own coin mastery channel. If people really find this guy useful bc lord knows he’s certainly not entertaining then I could prob have a million subscribers in 3 months. Sorry guy I’m out

  15. Mate it's okay to make a prediction and be wrong, respect is earned for stating one and the reasons you chose the position. It's not going to help you to just sit on the fence and hedge everything single thing you say.
    "whatever happens … happens"
    "it might go up, it might go down"
    "…its kinda like, but not really…"
    "…which may be good, I'm not saying it will be 'cause it might not be.."

    FFS …..come on mate, just do better…. start with a script (or Adderall) …. FOCUS

  16. Verge is not a fork of Dogecoin fyi brother. I think you need to give their website a quick read and maybe gloss over the whitepaper. I'm no verge fanboy but I do know for a fact that their project is a lot more than what you just blew it off as. Please do some more research about coins you're gonna slander as you can influence people's decisions, the 'I'm not a financial advisor' tag doesn't mean you should disregard due diligence – especially with 120k followers. Also check out Trading in the Zone and the Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas, I think it will help you with your technical analysis approach a lot if you want to be serious about trading. It was what helped me become consistently profitable, I don't believe it would have been possible for me without those books.

  17. Hi Carter, you said that you had contacts for OTC transactions. I have a at least two people who would be interested in $1 million+ purchases. How would you go about it?

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