EA Cancel Visceral’s Star Wars RPG Game | SYLO News

EA has announced that the Amy Hennig-directed Visceral Games Star Wars title will be refocused and developed by other EA studios while Visceral Games closes down.

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  1. Eh I didn’t have high expectations for the game anyways. Visceral only made like what two games and they were both “decent” not really

  2. I knew it was to good to be true. Sometimes ( if not all the time ) it sucks!!!!!!! That EA screws up everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think??? Donny if you say its Disney!!!! I will do something….. Really scary

  3. Ok everybody!!! Listen UP!!!!! Donald Saunders just said………….. It's…….. Its…….Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's damn Disney!!!!!!!!!! They are the ones screwing up ALL!!!! Star Wars games including swbf2. So it's not EA. EA is totally innocent. I think??????????????? Right Donny?

  4. Disney basically owns like everything. Star Wars, marvel, DC, Harry Potter, batman, power rangers, Legos, xcom, Nintendo!!!!!! And uh…. Microsoft, balloons, the entire galaxy……. I'm out of ideas. Do y'all guys ( and girls) know what else Disney!!!!!! OWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Stop!!!! Blaming EA!!! It's Disney!!!!! Disney is the cause of all this destruction!!!!!!!! Right Donny!???? (Donald)

  6. Fuck EA. Amy should leave and go to a better company. This news sucks. Probably because they can't loot box it. Also thanks EA for ruining dead space and any chance of it returning. Without Visceral it won't be the same. They can keep their pay 2 win BF2

  7. This is just the begining of a new empire of selfishness, rivalry, and only caring about money welcome to the 21st century everyone

  8. It all started with disney shutting down lucasarts and selling the licence to ea. Then ea proceeded to make an insultingly dreadful battlefront remake and a battlefront 2 thats only good because their first attempt lowered everyones expectations.

  9. Wow I hate EA. If they didn't have frostbite, there would be no redeeming quality to them still existing. I was looking forward to this too.

    And micro transactions need to die a fiery death.

  10. You want an epic Star Wars RPG game. Get Bethesda. They make awesome RPG games: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonred, etc. they make the good stuff

  11. @SYLO
    I wonder if Disney will see all the fan backlash from EA's terrible decisions and rethink their contract with them. They may make Disney a good bit of money from these games, but if they start generating a ton of negative PR, I wonder if Disney will see any worth in the publisher anymore. Disney seems to care a lot about it's image, nowadays.

    …or I'm a hopeful fuck without a snowball's chance in hell of getting a good Star Wars RPG again. FUCK, EA, I JUST WANT A GOOD STAR WARS GAME, STOP TOUCHING THINGS AND KILLING THEM!!!

  12. Well atleast I still have my wii and my ps3 and my ps3 needs to be replaced, so I can get star wars the force unleshed 2 and the wii star wars the force unleshed 1, and dead space, 1 2 3,

  13. SYLO, I did warn you about this. EA is less willing to take risks or to fund new Star Wars games; they would rather invest in reboots of successful Star Wars games in the past, than have an entirely new and unique game concepts that endanger their economic stability.

  14. Welp my friends let’s get ready for the Destiny/ Star Wars clone that will have micro-transactions, overpriced dlc, shitty story, and same pointless grind.

    Thank you EA for killing more Star Wars games with your flawed logic.

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