Ebola Morphs Into Cartoon Death Cult: Ebola Chan

Ebola has gone viral in the real world as well as on the web. Ebola Chan is now considered by some to be the embodiment of the epidemic.

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Written by frances

Lawyer, Believer, Idea Agent, Database Wrangler, Human Casserole. I want to see your peacock.


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  1. yeyooooo yandere dev added a update its ebola 😀 perfect! akademi highschool has ebola virus now ;~;

  2. C-C-CARTOON!?! Boi there is a difference between anime and cartoons. Anime has humor but also story, which modern day cartoons lack

  3. i see right through your scheme. all news people do this. they over dramatic and emotive language to make a riot out of something small. im fucking sick of it. its. a. meme. for fucks sake! not a "cartoon death cult" fucking hell you retarded degenerates.

  4. Black muslim man promotes terror to fight other superpowers on africas back then all of a sudden blacklivesmatter call me racist , antifas snowflakes ans sjw all want me dead cuz im a fucking white male …. isnt it ironic ?

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