Ep. #492- Incoming Bitcoin Soft-Fork & Hard-Fork August 1st EXPLAINED: Buy, Sell, or HODL?

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The Origin Of “HODL”:

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  1. the market cap of the NASDAQ index was nearly US$6 trillion. The entire cryptocurrency market cap right now is currently less than 1.5 percent of that.

    The point is, for all the noise in the media, the level of general public participation in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies remains extremely low. Just think about your own group of friends and associates. How many of them even own bitcoin?

    So this bubble is just getting started.

    i think we are not even at the start of a bubble. it will be a bubble. 100%. but it will burst at at least 10 trillion dollars. maybe more. until.then there will be correction. So dont be stupid and invest..there is a lot room.for this market to grow.

  2. I remember the insane amount of drama that happened when the Ethereum chain forked last year. People lost/made $millions. Ethereum back then was a fraction of the size it is now. I can't IMAGINE the drama that is going to come out of this fork debacle.

  3. Recommend merging East / West ideologies, using software that seamlessly integrates hardware advances…

  4. BTC is headed for a huge drop because of its unstable technical future. It will reach a low late this year. That will be the time to buy both the new bitcoin. The classic bitcoin will be dead money, so sell on its day 1.

  5. Fact is currently it takes 2,600.00 fiat dollars to get one Original BitCoin. Feds are like cows, producing piles of worthless dung. Their will only be 21,000,000 Original Bitcoins, PERIOD!!! Now, think real hard, in 10 years would you rather have 2,600 in fiat like cow dung? or One Original Bitcoin? Very Good, you can thank me in 10 years

  6. it's almost certain that it will dip after hardfork, then it's for sure will recover. so why not buy during the dip and hold it till recovery ? ?

  7. basically.. Quebec is a province.. but some Quebequer's see it as an independent country from Canada… but we all know its a Province….

    If Bitcoin is to improve.. then the better version all information considered is the true Bitcoin. The other one will be a trophee.

  8. Someone needs to explain this in < 5 mins. Too confusing and its late lol. I just watched probably an hour of different ppl explaining it and they didn't explain it.. The title said the "difference" but they didn't explain the difference lmao.

  9. gotta buy that ETH, DASH and LTC as hedges and move back in BTC after the 1st of August when the storm has settled.

  10. Crypto… What is your view on my question:
    They say bitcoin is owned by nowone, rather by everyone.
    There is no bitcoin office, no headquarters, no ceo etc.
    So… Who is arranging this hardfork on August 1?

  11. Bitcoin is finished. It is going the way of the Dodo Bird. The is just the first of many soft and hard forks. It will face plant itself into the ultimate spalding fork.

  12. Would the new Bitcoin gonna have new Miners or it'll will be an optional software update to the old miners ?

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