Even More Bullish On Bitcoin After Consensus 2018: Fundstrat’s Tom Lee | CNBC

So where’s the bitcoin rally? Was it the wrong Consensus? With Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Steve Grasso, Brian Kelly, David Seaburg and Guy Adami.
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Even More Bullish On Bitcoin After Consensus 2018: Fundstrat’s Tom Lee | CNBC

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Written by frances

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  1. BTC is trash. It's got no real world utility. There is no use case. It needs to hurry up and die so a healthy market can take place for cryptos with real world utility.

  2. omg, I'm shocked people eat this sh*** up. Lets be f*** honest. WE PROMOTED THE POSSIBLE RALLY SO PEOPLE WOULD BUY THE BTC WE WANTED TO DUMP!!!!!!!!

  3. Tom Lee, don't know what is talking about. Looking on his face when she asked him the question…priceless. Next time think twice before talk bullSh*ts. You are exposing yourself 25k..stop talking about crypto.

  4. Consensus of whom??? Tom Lee consensus: “Me Myself and I”. He is Kim Jong Un’s brother from another mother.

  5. Tom Lee isn't factoring in something – in fact, MANY of these guys aren't factoring in the most important thing of all. The surge of buyers just before and after Bitcoin made its all time high and just after. These are ignorant investors – ignorant as in they're unfamiliar with how it works and are treating it like stocks and bonds. They see a sell by some whale or some movement or even the most remote drop and it cascades down. They panic sell. This time last year you had the old school buyers in crypto who knew all the ins and outs of it. Sure, lots of new coins and tokens out there but still it was a small community. Before the rise in Bitcoin it was hard not to find some one that said, "What's Bitcoin anyway?" These same people bought it because they were told by cons and everyone else if you buy it you're guaranteed to get rich. Instead of sound diversification, they just dumped all of their money in certain coins they were told would do great. AS soon as it drops, they freak out and sell. Never mind that I'm not just talking about the US; this includes Europe and Asia as well.

  6. consensus tickets couldn't bought via any crypto is one case next is the dinner =) – I agree on that point with roger ver ….very funny indeed

  7. Tom Lee has been wrong time after time this year and still people continue to follow his ridiculous calls.

  8. Tom Lee has been wrong time after time this year and still people continue to follow his ridiculous calls.

  9. Do you guys know what brought down the Tulip mania? Futures market, 6 months after Tulip futures started the end of that bubble game crashing down. Same thing is happening to bitcoin and the entire crypto market.

  10. Except for one guy, the rest of them are all gaining a lot weight. What's going on? Too much eating and sitting.

  11. thank you so much Mr Frank for helping me out of bankruptcy I've truly lost a lot before I met you please if there's anyone here having issues trading you can easily contact him on WhatsApp or on phone +12675274619

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